Q & A with the Science Bound seniors

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Over the past four years, the Science Bound seniors, also known as the “bonding group”, have stuck together through the program and have turned into a team. They came into high school not knowing each other but they slowly became a tight knit group their freshman year. Now, they are heading to college together. It all started because of Science Bound. What exactly is Science Bound? Science Bound is an Iowa State program that starts in eighth grade and goes all the way up to college. The Science Bound program pays four year tuition if the student stays in the program the whole time and if they choose to go to Iowa State University.

Q: Where do you think you’d be if you didn’t meet the Science Bound seniors?

A: “I honestly think that I wouldn’t have good grades, self-standing or self-image because they raise me up more than I could ever have from other people,” Psalm Amos said.


Q: How close are you all?

A: It’s kind of weird because we’re all like family and we’re not related. We fight just like any family would. We’ve seen each other at our lowest and our highest points,” Perla Murillo said. 


Q: How important are you guys to each other?

A: “It’s like everything. I feel that we’re basically family to each other. We’re close like brothers and sisters,” Joey Rangel said.


Q:  How does it feel knowing that you’re all going to college together?

A: “It feels surreal. We knew that we would go to college but we didn’t know our freshman year that we would go together up at Iowa State. It’s kind of one of those things of “wow, we really did stick together,” Isabel Casas said.


Q: As a group, how have you guys grown?

A: “We have definitely matured. The whole time that we’ve known each other, we’ve pushed each other to become who we are today,” Murillo said.


Q: What would your piece of advice be to the underclassmen Science Bound students?

A: “My advice is to stick with the people who helped you out and to promote your wellness not just others,” Amos said.

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Q & A with the Science Bound seniors