They need a voice

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Have you ever sat in a classroom with your hand up in frustration but multiple people in line in front of you waiting for help? Imagine being a kid with special needs or a student who struggles in the classroom. You’re completely lost with no resources to help you. Many parents sit in a hard spot because their student is falling behind in class but there’s no one to help them and a lack of resources.
The class sizes are a big part of this problem when there is a class close to 30 students and only one teacher. Therefore only so many students can be helped and successful in that class period. These problems are happening all around the nation at every grade level. There are resources available for students, but not enough staff or money. As these students get older the resources decrease and are harder to provide for those that are in need causing more students to want to drop out.
This topic is not only a close topic to me because my siblings are one of many of the kids that this affects, but as a student every day as I sit in my classes. I look around and there are always kids that sit and struggle, but never get help. Every day they fall behind more and more in class and many others could say the same. I have a sister that is in seventh grade and has very bad anxiety. She struggles to comprehend the context that they are handed and the obstacle she is faced with. The struggle with my sister is that she may like any normal kid on the outside but on the inside, she isn’t like everyone else she over thinks everything and can’t process the learning like others.
Kids that show struggle’s take a special test that will show whether they will be provided with the help they need or not accepted into programs that will help them get one on one help. Here is how it works, it’s like a scale on one side it’s where the kids that don’t struggles. On the other side, there’s the kids that extremely struggle. Then in the middle sit the students that get some of the things but do not understand other things so they don’t struggle as bad as some students but still needs one on one help that they aren’t always provided. Unfortunately, that is where my little sister falls and it’s hard to see her struggle and when parents look at their kid’s homework or work they didn’t finish and don’t understand it can be hard to help their kids. On the other hand, there is my little brother he struggles in math a lot and he is one of the very few that was provided with one on one help. Many people look at that little percent of kids that don’t get the help they need, but never realize how many kids that little percent truly stands for. Someone needs to stand up for those that don’t have a voice and don’t know how to get the help they deserve, someone has got to pick them up and help them succeed and understand so they can go on to do something.
There are a few ways that this problem can be solved. One way is we make it a priority to have money so we can provide jobs for people that specialize in these problems or try making classes smaller so that kids can get help and still feel “normal .’’One last solution is to have another teacher that can help kids get the help they need.

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