What will you miss most?

As the class of 18 says their final farewells to East, we hear from a few of the seniors and what they will miss most.

Elise Dowler

“Being around the people that I grew up with, the fact that after high school everyone will go different ways and for the people I will never talk too ever again, its a whole new beginning to such a great end,”
-Hope Bos

“The friends I have made and all the experiences I have had here at East,”
-Caitlynn Howard

“The things I will miss the most about East is the people, some of my classmates have been my classmates since we were in kindergarten. Its hard to think that some kids will be hours away and at different universities when I’ve seen them every school year for the past 13 years,”
-Emily Kochheiser

“I’m going to miss the diversity of the students ,the memories I have made and all the programs that were offered to,”
-Jocelyn Parades

“So many things…the environment, my friends, and the opportunity we had at East. Like how we were able to choose from the variety of classes to further benefit ourselves for the future,”
-Edwin Rivera

“I’ll probably miss band the most because I love music and most of my best friends are all from band,”w
-Abraham Salgado

“I will definitely miss my teachers the most, especially Mr. Soliday!”
-Alexis Eshelman

“I will definitely miss the teaches who kept up with me and my craziness and the amazing bonds I have made with those teachers,”
-Kalani Lilly