Jill Versteeg

A new addition to the East admin team


Dog mom, wife, mother, and leader making a change for the better. Jill Versteeg is excited to be a School Improvement Leader at East. Versteeg is ready to do whatever she needs to help students and staff be successful. 

On a regular day, she is helping with schedules or helping students get to class. She is always lending a hand when she is not in a meeting figuring out how to help support her teachers and students.

“I am wherever I am needed,” Versteeg said.

Versteeg decided to come to East because she is always has had an interest in Large urban schools. She was also interested in the opportunities and challenges East has to offer. Versteeg thinks it is very cool how East has a wide variety of people, and there is a ton of pride.

“You don’t see that level of pride everywhere,” Versteeg said. 

Versteeg enjoys spending time with her husband, Tod, and two kids, Joe and Nora. Her dog, Annie is also a big part of her family. Versteeg and her family love to do a lot of outdoor activities such as kayaking, and camping. Some other things include relaxing, seeing old friends, and just simply spending quality time with one another. She also enjoys showing her kids some of the movies she used to love, such as ‘The Goonies’ and ‘The Princess Diaries’.  

Versteeg first went to UNI to get her Bachelor’s Associates degree in Special Education, then she attended Morningside College to get her Master’s in Professional Education with an emphasis in literacy and consulting. After her time at Morningside she decided that she was going to go back to UNI to get her Administrative Degree.  

Versteeg says her days are busy, but they are good. 

“ I do enjoy it, it’s very much a challenge, but I feel energized when I’m here,” Versteeg said.