Get ready, Get set, Adult

Get ready, get set, adult. How high school has failed me for adult hood.

McCayla Dahlberg

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Taxes/money management – Honey, no. High school taught me nothing about this. I constantly find myself wondering what taxes are and why it’s important to file. I also don’t know where my hard-earned money goes when people talk about “X” amount of money from their pay check goes towards taxes.  I barely know how to budget my money from a job. How do I pay my bills that I have, but also have money to go shopping with? How do I know how much to put away in my bank account? How much do I save for my college education?   

Renting a house/apartment- Oh no, girl. I’ve learned nothing about this either personally. I always find myself wondering where I’d live after college. Would I go back home or move into a tiny apartment? I’ve watched my mom talk to many landlords about our living arrangement. Do I have to pay extra to have a washer and dryer? Is one bedroom or two bedrooms better for one person? Should I get a roommate to split cost? If so, how would I go about that?  

Nutrition- You know what honestly, I kind of know about this.  No one has ever taught about what was good for my body.  I’ve had to learn from growing up about how what foods are bad for my body and what is bad for me. But I’ve never had someone break down what the “BAD” food does and or what the “GOOD” food does. Will I ever care about what I eat? Probably not, but I know what’s good for me and my body. 

Safe Sex- Yes, I know how to prevent a baby. I’ve never have had a Sex Ed class within my school years. I had to either figure it out on my own or ask my mom embarrassing questions.  Growing up, I had so many questions about what was going on with my body. What do I do when I find out I have an STD? Which doctors do I go to?  How do STDS work with males?

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