White Privilege

White Privilege!! 

 Is to “inherent advantages possessed by a white person based on their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice”.  

 With East having 2,124 students all in one building, things are usually around here. East is known for its bad reputation, having fights during school, but no one tackles the inside fight that students have. Race is not a big topic in this high school, but it’s an important one. 36 percent of East’s student identify as Hispanic, 34 percent of kids at East are white, 11 percent of the kids are African American, and 8% are Asian. With white kids being the second most majority race at East, it sure seems like there is a lot more of them then what there really is. White people have different privilege’s no matter where you go. 

“White privilege is being able to be stopped for a traffic violation without having to worry you’re going to back to your kids. It isn’t being afraid of not seeing your family again. It is doing whatever the fuck you want to do without any serious punishment, federal wise, state wise, and court wise, “junior Andrea Perez said. 

Many people think that white people and people of color have the same privilege. But, they whether do not.  A person of color has a more troubles in certain settings like working, school, and most everyday activities.  They have problems at work because their name could be Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar” or  Kiari Kendrell Cephus and that person would have a longer wait to get a job because his/her name wasn’t ‘Brittney’ or ‘Noah’.  

“So personally, I feel like I have white privilege but mostly mine is like white passing privilege. So, I know I have what people would say a blacker name, but since I look so light, I’m able to have a job like some people there’s a lot of white people at my job there are very few people of color. So, I feel like when my boss looked at me in the interview and heard all these things, and I kind of sound like as a white person or something. I feel like that gives me a little more privilege than people who are darker than me, “senior Kiara Warner said.  

Most white people do not believe that white privilege exists. They go around thinking that they have the same rights as any other person walking down the street. But on the other side some people do realize that they do have different privileges then other people have.  White privilege has many different forms while in use of. When white privilege is being use it’s never a good time for anybody, it hurts more people than it does anyone any good. 

“I’m not that type of person. I don’t remember a time I’ve experience it or used it in school. I’ve never really been in an experience that it is   happening,” senior Arminda Neppl said.