Kerri Frommelt

Wife, mom, teacher, runner, bulldog mom. These are all things that describe Kerri Frommelt  and after a long time here at East, she’s saying goodbye. 

Why are you resigning and what do you plan to do next? 

After being at East 24 years, Frommelt plans to go on new adventures, face new challenges, and possibly get another degree. She’s going to continue to enjoy teaching future teachers at DMACC and maybe even take some classes herself to continue to better herself while doing that. 

Tell me about yourself, include hobbies, family, and anything else you wish 

When she’s not teaching, Frommelt loves hanging out with her close family. She also enjoys a variety of other things which include, going to the gym, reading, running, drinking coffee, gardening, and being with her bulldog.   

What are your best memories here at East? 

“Too many great memories. Honestly, I have been blessed. The most meaningful are former students letting me know how much my classes meant to them, changed their view of science, prepared them well for post-secondary work, or even those that developed a passion for whatever class it was they took with me. I am also honored to work with awesome the staff at East.” 

Any advice to other teachers? 

“My advice is stay interested, up-to date, and excited about what you teach and how you teach, this definitely shows and makes a difference.” 

Anything else you would like to say? 

Frommelt leaves East with a sentimental message.  

“Thank you, East staff, students, and families, for all you have done for me. I have had the honor to work with and to teach 1000’s of students in my long career here and I hope I have made a difference.