How To Deal With Anxiety.

Emily Butler

Anxiety is an unwanted emotion that takes form of unwanted feelings and fears. Anxiety is an unwanted emotion that takes form of unwanted feelings and fears. There are different types of anxiety including social anxiety. Anxiety is common. Sometimes people try to hide their anxiety, because they feel alone if they don’t know how to deal with it. Anxiety can affect anyone, even if it they don’t notice it. Anxiety could cause a person to be shy or uncomfortable while someone tries to talk to him or her.

Q&A with Ms. Madsen, school counselor:
Q: How old were you when you became counselor?

A: I’ve studied about psychology. I don’t remember how old I was when I became counselor, but I do remember I’ve attended lots of classes.

Q: What do you do when it comes to students with anxiety?

A: I try my best at helping students with anxiety. I am doing my best I can to help them calm down. I make sure to help the students learn to calm themselves and go to class every time.

Q: How do you ask the students properly about their anxiety?

A: I always ask the students the right questions about their anxiety and problems. I ask them if it is class or home life related. So, it would take time for the students to slowly open up about their feelings to me.

Q: Do students have social or emotional anxiety?

A: Both, but it was usually social anxiety. Students with social anxiety are struggling to go to class without being worried about something too much. If a student has panic or anxiety attack and teacher doesn’t know how to comfort the student. The teacher would send the student to my office or another counselor’s office. If students couldn’t try to calm themselves during class time, I or another counselor would give them a “Break” pass. The students with anxiety would use the “Break” pass to calm themselves for 5 or 10 minutes.

Anxiety is more of a deep feeling than simple nervousness. Anxiety would be likely developed in middle and high school because stress or worry about grades could cause students to have anxieties. Students with anxiety would end up shutting their friends or families out of their lives sometimes, because they feel like people won’t understand them.

Facts about anxiety:
Anxiety can be genetic

50% of people who have anxiety suffer from depression.

Bad events or memories can cause anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are more common in America.

PSTD would be found in soldiers, due to bad flashbacks of war.

List of anxiety disorders:
Social Anxiety

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Panic Disorder

If you are not sure what kind of anxiety you have, try “Anxiety and Depression Association of America” website

       How to deal with anxiety in any way:

  • Students can talk to trusted friends or counselors. If they aren’t ready to talk in public, they can have a private conversation with a family member.
  • Finding a new hobby won’t cure some anxieties sometimes, but it can help calm students who have free time.
  • Most students with anxiety can feel calm in a quiet or safe place.
  • Many people with anxiety created a healthy routine
  • If students are stressed about everything, they can takes time to do anything like read book or research about what cause anxiety.