Crisis at the Border

Why you shouldn’t support the camps

Ena Marie Guerra Caballero


As one of the first-born generations here in the United States for my family, Immigration is a big deal to us, especially for children. The whole issue with children in these camps that are held in 15 different locations is a big crisis now. These kids could be as young as newborns to almost 18 years old. 

 I believe that the whole issue with the children in the camps are inhumane. These kids do not have the proper food or water. Theses detention centers do not have enough to feed these children and families. Also, the ICE agents do not even care for these children. These kids need to get the proper food and water to be able to be healthily and adapt to the new environment they are in.  

These children and people are living in a space built for 125 when there are about over 900 people in these detention centers. Forcing these people in these little spaces without their parents or even with their parents is still a horrible thing to do. Due to so many people in there, many kids and people are dying from not getting the proper health care that they need, and many don’t adapt to the sickness in a new environment also not knowing what others have. Not having the proper health care can make people weaker. These people sleep on the concrete floor without a support for their backs and without covers to be able to cover their babies or kids to be able to be warm at night. 

Many expecting mothers do cross the border to give their children a better future. Many of them get to the border and get detained in the detention centers. They would give birth to their children while in the detention center and would not be able to see their child. After giving birth, these mothers didn’t get the proper health care, they need to take care of themselves. This isn’t fair to these mothers. Getting their kids taken away from them is very tough on a parent.  

Many people also come to the United States for the bad things that are going on in their own country.  There are times that violence in the country is horrible not only to the adults but to the children in these countries. Also, the gangs in the country would make it hard and cause people to live in fear. The threats they would get from these people due to the gangs would scare them off, which forced them to make a rough decision to come to the United States.    

It’s not easy for these families and children to come here the “right way” due to the expenses of getting a visa, green cards, and even citizenship. It also takes a while for these people to get the approval for getting the permit or citizenship. It’s a long process and these people can’t wait any longer to get here for a better future.   

These people come to bring their children here for a better future. In Latin America the conditions aren’t the greatest for these people, due to being poor and not having the greatest opportunity for education. As a first-generation child being born here in the United States, getting the greatest education and being able to go to college is a blessing and an opportunity. Being able to go further than my family is the greatest thing ever to have the opportunity to build the greatest future for my future self and for my future family. Parents and grandparents want what is better for their children’s future.  Every immigrant that wants to come to the United States to build a better future should have the opportunity. 

People are human beings, not animals.  They deserve proper care, it’s not fair for these people to be detained for wanting a better future for their families and themselves. Is it really a crime for wanting what’s best for your family? We need to help these people with these conditions and try to figure out ways to help solve these problems. Families and children need to be protected even if they aren’t here legally. We need to step up and speak up for a change.