5 ways to keep busy at home

Maria Hernandez

Being at home all the time can cause us to feel lazy but it is important to ensure we stay healthy. But that doesn’t mean that you can still have fun and be productive at home, so here are 10 things that I have tried at home to cure my boredom.
Learn new skills
Something I have learned is that the more things you know how to do the easier it is to learn. Learning how to cook, sew, or even learning a new language will help you in the long road, it also gives you something to fill up your day!
Sell clothes online
The months of April and May are typically a time for Spring cleaning. Usually I would donate clothes, but under the circumstances I cannot, so another way to get rid of old clothes is by selling them. A great way to do this is apps such as Poshmark that are easy to sell clothes. This is a good way to get rid of old clothes and get money if you are not working.
Try a new thing every week
Experimenting with different things can be very fun, especially things you would not think off. So try a new skill or experience every week (maybe even every day!) it could be something that scares you or maybe just something you have always wanted to do. For example, maybe next week I will try going vegetarian. You never know until you try something.
Develop new and healthy habits
With all this time away it is perfect to start new habits, like working out or eating healthy! It is hard to get used to things like working out when you have obligations like school or work it takes about two months to form a habit so when we return to school it will help to maintain an already formed habit!
Make goals
This one is a big one, one day we will start going back to our ‘normal’ lives and it is good to come out of all of this with something. So, make an overall goal of something you want to do during this time. For example: lose weight, learn a new language, ect. Whatever your goal is make sure you make a plan to how you want to achieve it.