Scroll seniors say goodbye

Maria Hernandez

Cheyanne Potter:

“3060N thank you for the best two years of my life. You were so welcoming, and showed me how a team works. Scroll I’ll forever remember you,”
Fabiana Centeno:
“3060N will always have a special place in my heart. It was a class that actually made me feel like I belonged and was essential to. I met some of my best friends and met some of the most amazing creative people. Looking back I feel very blessed to have been able to be apart of this class and I will always have the pages I created to remind me of it. This was a second home for me and I will forever cherish the memories i’ve made,”
Ali Solis-Palos:
“Goodbye to the class that made me feel like I mattered, to the class that helped me express myself with design and words. Goodbye to the people who supported me through the my whole newspaper journey and goodbye to the life long friendships I will never forget. Goodbye to Mrs. Niemeyer for believing in me and pushing me to do better and for being a friend to me and to all. I would have never imaged that Newspaper would be such a big part of my life but I’m glad that it was and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Goodbye East,”
Shelby Alsted:
“Goodbye East High, I’ll miss everything about Scroll,”
Cat Hexamer:
“The Scroll Squad is a group that helped me get through high school. For me the class was my escape. I’m sad to be leaving my favorite part was knowing that people were reading what I was writing and some even look forward to it. So to all who read and write the Scroll, thank you and goodbye for the final time,”
Estrella Gonzalez:
“Newspaper will forever have a special place in my heart. It’s one of the best classes I’ve took. Mrs. Niemeyer and the other students is what made the class fun to go to. Newspaper class made me see a creative side of me I didn’t know I had. I’m going to miss the small holiday parties and all the food! I’m so sad to say goodbye but I’ll always cherish the good memories. I’m looking forward to see what other students bring to the class!”