Holiday gifts on a budget

Have you been struggling to find a gift for that special someone for the holidays? Do you want to give good gifts without spending a fortune? December is one of the most stressful times of year not only finding gifts but trying to stay on budget. Here are some amazing gifts that anyone would love to receive but won’t break your bank account.

Isabella Lopez

Tip 1: If you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can still score some good deals. Wait for weekly ads to come out to get coupons for a discount. Also compare ads and see what store is offering the lowest price for that item.

Tip 2: Prepare ahead of time. A month or two in advance take some cash out of each paycheck and store away for holiday spending. This way you aren’t spending all your paycheck on gifts during the holiday.

Tip 3: Make sure you are giving them what they want. Nobody wants to open a gift they don’t want. Get an idea of what they like or need and shop according to those things. Not all gifts have to be bought. Make your own gift basket to customize to the persons likes.

Basket Ideas:

Mug gift $5- $7
Start with a mug of choice. Add a couple hot cocoa packets or favorite coffee, marshmallows, candy canes and candies of the persons liking. You could also put a gift card to a restaurant, store, or coffee shop. All these items can be found at Dollar tree, Dollar General and Walmart.

Baking kit $5-$10
Start with an oven mitt. Inside the oven mitt, put a rubber spatula, spatula, measuring spoons, whisk, cake mix or brownie mix, you could also add a container of frosting and sprinkles. All these items can be found at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Walmart

Spa day in a jar $7- $25
Get a big jar inside add nail polish, lotion, chapstick, facemask, body wash, sugar scrub, bath bomb, gift card to a nail salon, nail file, fuzzy socks, perfume. You can also start with a pair of slippers and add the items inside the shoes. Customize to their liking not all items have to be included. All the following items can be found at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Movie night in a basket $15-$25
Start with a basket add a blanket, microwave popcorn, candy of choice, drinks of choice, other snacks, and movies. All these items can be found at Walmart and Dollar General.