The best apps for virtual school success

Download these apps and watch your grades improve

Alyssa Hudson

Are you someone looking for a little extra help in school, maybe you’re falling a bit behind or don’t understand a topic and need some help to better your understanding, well I have something that might help with just that in this paper I have downloaded and tried out 4 of the most top ranked school/ study apps on the app store and will give my honest opinion on if these apps actually help and are as beneficial as people have made it seem.

The first app I checked out was Photo math. This app dose focus on math so if you are struggling in this topic this app might just be for you. Personally, I have used this app multiple times for school to show me the steps on how to solve a problem the right way when I would get stuck and it really did help. But there is down sides to this app, this app is considered ‘’free’’ but now the company has made it so you now have to pay to see the steps on solving a problem witch is not how it used to be and personally I don’t think they should have changed this and there are definitely better alternatives that are completely free. Another downside to photo math is that this app can only help with certain math like algebra 1 and 2. In all this app dose get the job done and is a good app if you are willing to pay for the steps, and I would recommend this app to a individual that needs help in math specifically algebra 1 or 2.

The second app I downloaded was Socratic. This app is definitely hands down my favorite study app and has helped me out a TON in school. This app can help you in all your core classes and has multiple different math, science, and history classes on there that you can pick to study. This app was made by google and you can even type questions into the app or take a picture of a question you need information about and google will find what they think will answer or help you or answer your question. Personally, I have nothing bad to say about this app. Another great thing about this app is that it is completely free, and I would 100% recommend this app to someone

The third app I found was Quizlet. This app is a perfect way to study and has flashcards games and a writing section that helps you study for whatever class o course you need it for. This app has flash cards and things to study for multiple different courses. I really like this app and it dose really help me remember and learn things. I also like this app because it wont let you move on until you get everything correct so the ones you do get wrong you will keep having to do or try similar things to go forward to the next ask witch is very useful and definitely dose make you remember the answers. In all I think this app is a very good resource to help study for any topic and another good thing about this app that it is free and the Quizlets are made by other teachers I would recommend this app to study

The last app I tired out was Brainly. This app was not the best app, this app did not really help me out very much when I would ask a question it would find things that were totally irrelevant and would not help me at all. This app also takes a very long time to load things. Brainly id free so that is a plus also it an help you with different courses and for math it does show you how to solve the problem step by step. Also, when the app dose find what I’m looming for it dose give me a decent answer and gives websites to learn more about the answer and question. Is al this app dose have its positives and negatives but it can be useful this definitely wouldn’t be my first recommendation to someone needing help studying for school.

After Trying out all these apps and already have been using some I can say that a few of these apps are definitely going to help you out In school and others not so much but I would recommend most of these apps to any student.