Scarlet time is a break all students need

Gabe Cook

Scarlet time happens at East High School every day from 10:55-11:30 a.m. Scarlet time is a relaxing time in the day for many students because there is no graded work that needs to be done during this time. If there isn’t any work that needs to be done during this time, what should students do? This article will explain what Scarlet time is and why it’s important, my point of view and teacher point of view. Scarlet time has changed since last year instead of focusing on assignments were working on mental health. What is Scarlet time?

Scarlet time is a time for students to bond with each other and it can also be a break during the day. During Scarlet time, some students play on their phones, some talk to other students, and some even do homework/missing work. Scarlet time is also a time for teachers to get a small break throughout the day where they can plan, grade or even take time to their self. But as you read this you may think to yourself, why is Scarlet time important?
The school day can be very long, and stressful and Scarlet time gives everyone 30 minutes to relax and not have to worry about anything. Another reason Scarlet time is good is because it gives students the opportunity to talk to each other quietly without any interruptions from the teachers. But how do other teachers feel about Scarlet time? Do they like it? Do they hate it?

When asked about the Scarlet time change, social studies teacher Randi Fitzgerald said she doesn’t have much of an opinion on it yet because the class she has during that time is good and we haven’t had it long enough. When asked if she thinks Scarlet time should be longer or shorter, she said shorter because she feels like many students start to get bored and the time just goes on with nothing to do. After this when asked what changes, she would like to see she said,

“I wish students took advantage of the time more than they do”. Fitzgerald said.She feels like it’s a great time for students to catch up on work and have one on one time with teachers, but many students don’t take this opportunity to do this. Something else she wishes was different is the time is more rewarding. What this means is the students who have good grades, and all their work done should be able to have free time where they can leave the building and do whatever they want to do. But how do I feel about this time?

Scarlet time is a good time throughout the day, but things should be a little different. Some of the things I wish were different is the time of the day. I don’t like how early, it is it should be later in the day because the mornings go by quick, and I think the afternoon would be better for this. Another thing I wish was different is what we can do during this time. I wish during this time we could go to different classrooms or just have free time because many students would like this, including myself, and it would be a good way for students to have fun. In my opinion Scarlet time is a great time throughout the day and I think it should stay around for the rest of my time at East.