College Stereotypes

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So you think you know what to expect when you head off to college? You’ve seen all the TV shows and movies and they’ve taught you enough, right? Wrong. The stereotypes portrayed in media have college all wrong. So you might want to get a reality check and prepare yourself for the truth.

#1:Every party is wild.

Reality: “I would say that it’s a misconception that wild parties are all over the place. During football season there are tailgates hosted by frats and that’s probably as wild as it gets because everyone is invited,” college freshman and East alumni Malesa Naovarath said.

#2: You and your roommate will be best friends on move in day and you’ll make friends instantly

Reality: “College introduces you to a bunch of new and different people; maybe not instantly but it will happen,” college freshman and East alumni Shirah Burton said.

#3: All of your college professors are mean and unreasonable.

Reality: “Most professors are crazy just in their own way, it’s kind of hard to explain. You just have to figure out how to give them what they want, even if it’s not what you had in mind,” college freshman and East alumni Emma Kinney said.

“Moral of the story, college is fun and it has its moments but college is also important. Parties are okay but remember they do not come before homework. It’s nice to have friends but do not get distracted trying to be friends with everybody. And lastly, do not assume your professors will be mean. They may not baby you but they will work with you if you communicate well and show them that you care,” Burton said.

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College Stereotypes