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Favorite class?
APUSH (AP US History), it was my favorite class that i took in all of high school, because i really like history. It was a way for me to organize myself, because i was so organized i got my work done on time and not a lot of people did. I really enjoyed doing it because i was interested in the subject. My favorite class i ever took, call me crazy.
Q-regrets throughout high school
Not doing theatre sooner, just because that was a big mistake. I guess there’s a time and place for everything and my time came a bit later then i would have like it to but when i joined i was ready, and i actually enjoyed it even though two shows before i wanted to, i was just too scared. That was one of my biggest regrets, is not making more of an effort to go to Central because i f i could go back and do one thing it would be challenging myself more. I just think it’s unfortunate that we have to leave our building to be challenged, i feel like it’s very disappointing.

Q-why did you want to be as involved as you are?
For me being “over involved” in stuff was a way for keeping myself on the right track and keeping myself organized. I would just go home and do nothing with my life, i’d do nothing all day. I didn’t especially enjoy that, i felt bored and unfulfilled and when i joined soccer i hated it which didn’t help. My mom was like ‘you need to try more things’ so i said ‘i’ll try 10 different things!’ and they all stuck. If i hadn’t been as involved i would have pushed myself so hard.i just thoroughly enjoy everything i do.

Q-juggling all the things that you do?
Organization, organization, organization,

Q-fitting in?
It wasn’t like i was friends with everyone but part of it that helped was a lot of my friends are involved in a lot of the same things i was. Like my band friends were also in swimming with me, and ones that i am in theatre with were in band with me. From there i try my hardest to be an open person whether i’m best friends with everyone is one thing but i try my hardest to treat everyone with respect and be nice to everyone as best i can. I try not to change myself to be with the people i’m with.

Iowa state university, i ultimately chose it for a couple of different reasons, mainly because i wanted variety i went on my first visit thinking like, i’m gonna be some kind of business major, i’m gonna do this and it’s gonna be great. i showed up and i had a little meeting with the college of business and i was like ‘this isn’t really me this isn’t what i want to do’ but at the same time just the campus in general and the atmosphere i felt like it was a great fit for me. They give you a list of all their programs and stuff too, and seeing that long list of different things, it wasn’t overwhelming to me like ‘okay, business isn’t going to be my thing but one of these has to be’ and i’ve even switched three more times since then. That gives me the confidence of thinking if i do decide sophomore year, junior year, or senior year even that i’m not happy with what i’m doing or that’s not what i want to do anymore, i have other options. Iowa state has a good reputation for every program. Every route that i could see myself going down they have a program for. I’m really excited to go there.

Q- what do you want to do with the rest of your life?
I have a lot of different ideas still, i’m going in, in the fall as a public relations major. Which is like publicizing and like marketing but more of the creative side. It’s more behind the scenes, it more organizing social media stuff. That’s ultimately what i want to do, is run social media and publicity stuff. My main goal is doing it for Disney, and they’re parks and resorts, i’d also really enjoy doing it for different shows like T.V., movies, theater. I’d do it for clothing brands too, if i felt like it. Completely off of that my backup is to do Elementary Ed. ultimately what i want to do with my life is just find what i’m happy doing and just be happy

Mason Lawrence is a pretty impressive guy, from starring in his first theatre production, to being published in the newspaper while still in journalism, to ranking number four in his class

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