Haunted tour


fabiana centeno

You get that feeling where you start getting a tingling in your spine. That your gut starts screaming inside you saying turn around and go back home.  Or how about having your heart beat rapidly that it feels like it will burst out of your chest? Then you keep walking cautiously fearing of the unknown. Trying to predict what will happen will only cause more fear. You start to wonder, where am I? None other than East High School annual haunted tour which is on October 27th   from 7-9:30 pm for $3 in advance or $5 at the door.  

“It gives a good reputation of East, we always hear of the negatives never the positives,” senior Melynm Phillips said.  

The haunted tour started three years ago by ambassadors because East -according to students and staff- is seen as creepy and old. There are also many rumors that many people died, and supernatural incidents have happened. This inspired students to put together a creepy tour of the school.  

“East is important to me and having a good tradition is good since there is not a lot of school spirit,” senior Tanner Tillotson said.  

Tillotson had been in Ambassadors since freshmen year where an idea of the Halloween tour came up but at that time, they weren’t able to create it. By the time he was a sophomore he brought it back and for the next three years it has been a tradition for East.  

“It went from us not having a single clue to now a good system, it’s also been building leadership,” Tillotson said.  

Each year the money raised from the haunted tour is for a charitable cause. Last year, students raised money for the Central Iowa Shelter Services and donated hundreds of canned foods. This year students will be raising money for a Southeast Polk student who had a leg amputated due to cancer.   

“It gives us something to give back to the community and make us proud,” Tillotson said.