From the Bears Den to the Tribe

Cheyanne Potter

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From a school with 1,471 students to a school with 2,205 students. From a school where I would see the same faces every day, to a school where I see new faces every day. From a school with only two floors to a school with four floors and five different sections of the building, this is my story of being a transfer student from North High School.

When I was at North, I was unhappy. I tried to get involved by joining the cheer team, but that just didn’t help me. Yes, I had a lot fun but it didn’t feel right. At North, I felt alone, I had friends but those friendships never worked out. When I went to an event at East whether it was a sports game, a play or a musical, I was truly happy.

When I was thinking about transferring I talked to my best friend and boyfriend about it and they both were at East so they thought it was a good idea and knew I would be happier, for many reasons. They both knew that the teaching style was stressing me out and that I felt alone at North.

When I was completely sure that transferring was what I wanted, I had to talk to my parents about it. My parents knew I always wanted to transfer but we just never talked about because they thought I wouldn’t be able to get into East because of how many students already go there.

My parents filled out the transfer paper and then the wait started, the wait to get the letter saying I would be enrolled at East High School. When I got the letter I was so happy I couldn’t wait to tell my best friend and boyfriend and everyone at North. People would always ask me when I would finally transfer because I was known as the “East girl at North” so when I told people at North they weren’t surprised. There was one person at North I needed to tell and I had no idea how, it was an administrator I was very close to. I waited awhile before I brought it up and it was really emotional because he was my go to person when I needed to talk since my freshmen year.

Before school started, I knew it was going to be different but I really didn’t know how different until I got here. Even my schedule looked different because I was used of seeing a color by the room number because each hallway was a different color, but this year I there was a letter from each section of the building.

Knowing that I could go from one floor and section to another really scared me, but luckily I never got lost looking for my classes because my boyfriend helped me get from one class to another so I wouldn’t get lost.

At East, the teaching is very different. North is a “school of rigor” which means teaching is done in a weird way. Teachers would expect you to learn from each other. Students would be put in groups so we could get ideas from each other, and most of the times it was one person having to figure everything out themselves. Teachers at the end of class would help you and show on the board but would expect the students to put all ideas together.

East feels like the teaching is what I personally need. I take notes and the teachers explain how to do something before giving us a worksheet. Here I actually use notebooks because at North I didn’t need to at all.

Overall I am so much happier here, I’m so happy I transferred and that I can actually be with my friends every day. I’m Cheyanne and this is my story of being a transfer student.

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