Femme In Stem

Nikki Grove, Editor-In-Chief

Only 35 percent of bachelor’s degrees acquired in the Science Technology Engineering and Math fields are held by women. And women made up less than 25 percent of people that have occupations in the field. While these percentages have increased over the years, they are still very low. 

The push to get women involved STEM started roughly 30 years ago but became a bigger topic in 2001. This raises the question, if there is such a big push for women to have STEM careers, why are there still so few employed in those fields? Part of this is because of the stereotype that men are better than women in math and science, it lowers self-esteem in young girls, deterring them from moving forward in a career that involves both subjects. 

“It is important for women to be in STEM field jobs because this field are highly represented by men and employers want the diversity. They want female input and they need it,” senior Nayeli Nazarit said. 

Many historical breakthroughs in science wouldn’t have been possible without women in the field. Women such as Marie Curie and Vera Rubin who made many scientific advancements. For example, Curie discovered Radium and Polonium and many other discoveries in chemistry and physics. 

I think it’s important for women to join the STEM field because right now we make up just a small part of a huge picture. Women are capable of so much and I think it’s important for them to be just as involved in the STEM field as men are,” senior Haley Young said. 

A lot of getting involved takes some guidance and encouragement. Without role models or someone else influential in their life girls can be discouraged. 

“Mr. Walljasper encouraged me to sign up for AP Computer Science Principles during my sophomore year. So, then I took the class my junior year. Then I heard of Pi515 and joined it. Pi515 is a coding club and overall I liked coding and learning how to make an app and websites was fun,” Nazarit said. 

The only way to help other girls get involved is by getting involved. There are multiple ways to get involved such as signing up for a computer science or participating in after school clubs.