Q&A with Prom Queen Melynn Phillips and Prom King Taryn Anderson

Who won? We want to get to know Prom King and Queen!

Joselyn Hildebrand

Q: What was your reaction to wining Prom King/Queen?

Melynn: I was actually really surprised because I really didn’t think I was going to win. I didn’t think I was popular enough.
Taryn: I’m not going to lie, I was kind of confident I was going to win. A majority of people I know, and my friends told me they voted for me.

Q: Why did you decide to run?

Melynn: I decided to run because I thought it would be a fun experience to do with my friends. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new putting myself out there.
Taryn: All four years through all the homecoming courts and everything, I always told myself to never run so that when I run for Prom King everyone would vote for me.

Q: What effort did you put into winning?

Melynn: Well, most of the time it’s like the popular kids that win so I thought it’d be something fun to do. I wanted to push myself outside of the box. I sent it to my friends and posted it on social media
Taryn: First I was just telling everybody to vote for me, I sent out a picture that said nominate me on Snapchat and then I wrote “vote Taryn for prom king” on my teacher’s boards.

Q: What groups, sports and clubs do you participate in? How have those benefitted you in everyday life?

Melynn: I’ve played basketball for four years, soccer for four years and I’ve been captain for two years. I’ve played rugby for one year. I was on the Be East team for three years, National Honor Society for four years, student government for one year, and Ambassadors three years. I’m more of a reserved person and being in leadership programs has helped me help others and be open. I communicate and support others better.
Taryn: I’ve played basketball for four years, baseball for four years, cross country for two years, track for four years, football for two years. I’m also in newspaper and I used to do Movement 515. I feel like each different sport or club affected me differently because it’s a different atmosphere for each one. A lot of my friends have come from doing those things and I feel like I wouldn’t have met as many people if I didn’t do those things.

Q: How did Prom day go for you guys?

Melynn: It was really good I had a great time I took pictures with my boyfriend we went out to eat and took pictures and danced. After prom we went roller skating, we played roller tag and we watched the hypnotists.
Taryn: It went well. I was really busy in the morning. I had senior pictures and got my hair cut. Overall, it was a really fun day.
Q: What is your favorite memory from the whole prom

Melynn: My junior year when I went to prom I just went with a group of friends and you can just be loose and have fun but this year I went with someone so it’s two different experiences I just had so much fun at both of them.
Taryn: I would say probably being hypnotized at post prom my junior year it was really relaxing and kind of funny to watch the videos of myself.

Q: What was your reaction to hearing your name?

Melynn: I was actually really surprised it was quiet, so a lot of people didn’t know for sure or hear and I was confused no one heard it and we were all standing there awkwardly, and everyone was cheering crown her it was kind of awkward but really fun, though.
Taryn: I didn’t really know how to react, but it was really anti-climatic. No one could really hear the person announcing but I was pretty happy I won because I was telling people to vote for me a lot.

Q: What are your plans for life after high school?

Melynn: I plan to go to Grandview and I’m playing soccer for them. I’m going to be majoring in kinesiology and exercise science I want to move on to become a physical therapist after that.
Taryn: First, I plan to go to Iowa state for biology and go to some medical school in Iowa after I graduate from Iowa State. After that, I would hopefully go to be in a residency to be an anesthesiologist.

King and Queen at Prom 2019