African American history should be taught in schools.

Aiom Makier

African American history should be a focus in school

LBGTQ History is being taught in our neighboring state, Illinois, over African American history. LGBTQ History is an important part of American History, but so is African American history.

African Americans are being put second. Both histories are essential, but Black History should be taught in all schools. African American history is significant and should be taught to all students, not just African American students. Students are taught mathematics, science, and American history because it is important. We’re taught about all American wars and accomplishments, African Americans are viewed as weak people because of slavery. Black History focuses on the contributions that African Americans made in the past and continue to make, it’s valuable and should be taught in schools.

Racism is still alive and well in America

It is not possible to live in America without seeing incidents of racism every day. One can see incidents on the news when unarmed African American men are shot and killed by officials versus when heavily armed White Americans are causing mass shooting and being taken alive. It can be seen in high schools where Caucasian people think it’s cute and funny to say the ‘N’ word and posing for pictures as Blackface and posting on social media. It’s very offensive.

Mr. Nellum is an African American student teacher who is becoming a history teacher, he’s studying at Grand View University. “African American history isn’t be taught in schools because of politics,” Nellum said. He believes Black History should taught in schools since LGBTQ History is also being taught. “I don’t know why we put African American studies to the side when it needs to be taught because of today’s kids and its more relevant,” Nellum said.

 There Is more to African Americans than negative stereotypes

There are still places in the world where students can go an entire educational career without ever interacting with African Americans. In many places of the United States, neighborhoods, schools, and towns are still heavily segregated. Often this is caused by economic status, which means wealthier students have no personal experience with African Americans. Only what they see on television, in movies, news, and mostly on social media. Most are all negative views on African Americans and how people treat them.

Andrew Reid is a 20th Century History Teacher. He’s been teaching at East High for two years. His mindset is very diverse when it comes to school. “America is more than the white guys developing the country, its multiracial and multiple everything,” Reid said.

The Salad Bowl

The United States is often nicknamed the Salad Bowl, a term coined back in the 1960s. The salad bowl means that instead of ‘melting together’ we co-exist like ingredients in salad. Due to different races mixed up in one place, like vegetables all in a salad. Most people use ranch. Ranch is the color white and is drenched onto the salad. America is being whitewashed, which is the dressing for our Salad. Americans whitewash everything they get their hands on, just like their whole entire history.

When students are being taught Black History in school, they get an understanding of many different types of people. Not just White Europeans and their history

Scoot Roose is an East High US History and AP US History teacher. He’s been teaching at East for five years. He loves the diversity. “African American population continues to grow and it’s important for their history to be taught as much as White European History,” Roose said.  Black history should be taught in schools. African Americans are a part of the United States history.

Where do we go from here?

Learning about Black History is good for all students, not just people of color. It helps with steps on opening with diversity, it helps students relate more to their history. It gives a full honest review on African Americans. These things benefit all students and make schools a place where all students can be valued, appreciated, and safe.

Keonte White is a coach for multiple sports and is also a hall monitor. He’s an amazing person, he also had very amazing things to say.

“We need to incorporate Black History in today’s society, being a black kid in America is hard enough due to social media,” White said.

“There should be a class for African American studies where an African American teacher is teaching, it’ll allow our kids to know where they came from, and learning from someone who just looks like them, it’d be more personal and relatable,”

Teaching such an intense history is hard enough for the teachers. It’ll be hard to get out of your comfort zone. That shouldn’t be an excuse.  Teaching Black History benefits everyone, it should be taught all year long instead of only Black History Month.