Fashion & style

Advice from Paulina Hernandez

Joselyn Hildebrand

Fashion. Fashion is defined as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. Does the word fashion mean anything to you? For some people, their world revolves around it. For others, they wake up and throw on their favorite hoodie and sweats. For senior Paulina Hernandez, she plans her outfits for the next day, the night before.
“I always look at the weather to see if it’s going to be cold or hot. I usually take pictures of my outfits and go through my phone to remind me of an outfit I could wear again,” fashionista Hernandez said.
If you’re not already interested in fashion, is it possible to become more invested? You must start somewhere, that’s with anything you try for the first time. Some were born into families of designers or stylists and are naturally invested in fashion.
“When I think about how much I like clothes, I feel like it’s just always been an attribute to who I am. When I look at stuff and I’m just like ‘Oh my god that is so cute.’ I automatically want to wear it. It’s a feeling that I’ve just always had. I really like the way things can flow together,” Hernandez said.
The positives of becoming more involved in the fashion world are never ending. Your self-confidence becomes instantly boosted. You can make new friends or become more independent, based on your goals.
“It can be really hard to feel accepted looking a certain way like if you want to be approved by other people, but I think it doesn’t really matter what you look like. It’s all about how you feel wearing it,” Hernandez said.
If you’re having trouble thinking about what colors may got together or what trends you may want to get into, Hernandez is a great person to get advice from.
“Orange and blue. I feel like they look great together. They are cute colors; I love them together. Also, really bold and pastel colors will always go good together, like purple and yellow always go good together,” Hernandez said.
A good thing about fashion is that there are no rules. You can wear whatever you feel like wearing, if you’re comfortable in it. Go for it. If you’re too busy caring about what other people have to say about your style, you will never find your true style or be able to express your true style. If some days you feel lazy, wear those sweatpants and sneakers. If some days you’re feeling special, wear that necklace with that dress.
“You shouldn’t care about what others think. That’s the first thing to remember. Everyone no matter what, has their own style. It just comes with who you are, and it’s based off your energy and what you do. Think of things that you like to help inspire your style. Any outfit is an outfit, but it can be more than that if you want. Don’t think too hard about it,” Hernandez said.

“Everyone, no matter what, has their own style, it just comes with who you are,””

— Paulina Hernandez

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,””

— Rachel Zoe