Stop saying the N word

Alea Hoof

It’s 10:38 in the morning. I’m walking to class minding my business as usual. I hear someone say, “Aye n*gga!” I turn around and look behind me to see who may have said it. I see a group of kids. None of them were black. I pondered on that situation for the rest of the day. The N- word is a common word used amongst and against minorities in the U.S. today. The N-word came amongst Caucasian vocabulary when slavery existed in the 1600s. It was used as a derogatory term towards African slaves to degrade them. They weren’t called black, African, or African American. Instead our ancestors were considered Negro, N*ggers, Jiggaboos, porch monkeys, baboons, etc. I take offense when I hear people of other races say the N- word because they can’t relate to what blacks have been through in America and how we are treated like we are worth nothing or not as smart as the other race. People think ‘oh well, all they do is gangbang, act ghetto or act ignorant’, but if anything, I find ignorance from those who stereotype black people, and those whom still use the word even though they know it offends black people. Is there ever an appropriate time to use it? I find it inappropriate for every single race including blacks to use it in a professional setting. However, it’s fine for blacks to use it around friends. I only use the word when I’m with my black friends in a quiet personal setting, I may whisper it to my friend in a sentence while together in public or I will only use it at home. I rarely hear blacks say it. Especially yelling it out loud to friends. I find it used more by other races. It baffles me. I was kind of hesitant to write this piece because of all the controversy. Some people think it’s just a word or its okay to say as a representation of saying ‘friend’. A lot of people just like me take offense to this word because other races don’t understand the meaning behind it when they say it. I’m hoping there will be awareness to the ignorance your showing when using this word with an ‘A’ and an ‘ER’ Blacks have taken this word and used it as a representation of showing love or empowerment to our brothers and sisters.