A look inside the future East High Scarlet wrestling team

Kaylie Shannon, J1 intern

Everything that happens is done because I love them and want them to get their goals.”

— Coach Giboo

You can hear them from the front door – kids running and kids jumping.
 Smaller kids and bigger kids, trying to pin each other to the mat. Some students are scrambling to get a drink of water. This is East High wrestling practice for future Scarlets in seventh and eighth grade. Students work and practice at minimum two days a week to accomplish their goals. Some want to go to regionals, some want to make varsity, some are just here to have fun. 

If you are wondering how to get in this position, first you need to sign up for a school or club wrestling team. Another thing to make your experience even better would be talking to a wrestler, and asking them for advice on going into wrestling and what to expect. 

“All you really need is determination,” eighth grade wrestler Derek Shannon said. “If you really love what you are doing, there’s just this drive to keep going.” 

He also says goals are important. Setting goals for yourself may seem scary at first, but if you start slowly and creep into bigger goals, they are always achievable. 

“It all comes back to them learning those life lessons,” Wrestling Coach James Giboo said. “Everything that happens is done because I love them and want them to get their goals.” 

Wrestling impacts everyone differently. Once you step on the mat, you will realize what drives you. What helps you accomplish your goals, what keeps you going. Many students have this experience early on, but for some it takes a little while. 

“I could tell Derek found what pushes him as soon as it happened,” Wrestling Mom Louann Shannon said. “He just had this fire in his eyes, it is indescribable.” 

Making lifelong friends along the way of your wrestling career is inevitable, it is bound to happen. You will learn that your teammates are always there for you and always by your side. This cannot be forced, as it is just the impact of wrestling on peoples lives and morals that builds this family love.