New Social Studies Classes

Students will be able to choose inclusive electives for next school year

Shukri Abdirahman

Global Black history, Indigenous people’s history, Intersectional Feminism, Latinx history, and Asian American history are some of the many new social studies classes that are being offered to students at East High School next year. These classes were added to the curriculum after a push from students for social studies classes to be more inclusive.
“I feel as if history is/was not taught thoroughly and not as much as it should have been taught. So many important things were left out or taught in a way that made history not as relevant,” junior Alana Chanthavong said.
Global Black History
Global Black history is a course in which students will be taught the raw truth about their history. They will learn about the history of black people even before the slave trade. Students will also be taught about black leaders that most people have not learned about because unless you do your own research, you were only taught about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. They were great leaders who were important to black history, but you will learn about more people like them as well.
Indigenous/Native people’s History
Indigenous/ Native people’s history is also another course that you can choose. Students are not usually educated about Native American history, their cultures, and languages. According to a 2015 study at Pennsylvania State University, “87 percent of content taught about Native Americans includes only pre-1900 context.” In this course, you will learn about the oppression of Indigenous people, and the many nations within the geographic areas.
Intersectional Feminism
Intersectional Feminism is a course in which students will learn about the history of feminist movements from the 18 century to modern day era. It will be centered around the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Women. Students will be taught about women of all identities and what they have faced throughout history.
Latinx History
In this course students will explore Latin American history. (Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean). According to the Des Moines Public School’s 2021-2022 course catalog, “Students will analyze colonization through an intersectional lens and its direct effects on social injustice in Latin America.”
“As a Latina myself I have had to learn from what my parents and family tell me… The culture, heritage, and ancestry of LatinX people is versatile and being able to learn just a bit more about it would be amazing,” junior Marisol Argueta-Hernandez said.
Asian American and Pacific Islanders History
Students will learn the history of people of Asian and Pacific Islanders ancestry in the US. Students will also investigate issues that the Asian American community face today. They will also learn about the Model Minority Myth and Civic interactions. Students will explore many Asian ethnicities and their similarities and differences. As stated in the course catalog, “A central goal of this course is to leave students feeling empowered and recognized throughout history.”
“It’s amazing the number of classes that are being considered for next year and I just hope people take this as a sign to charge for rightful change in BIPOC representation at East High,” Argueta-Hernandez said.