Class of 2021: Most memorable moments

Kaylie Shannon

The air is crisp, and the six feet apart chairs are filled with students. The date is May 29, 2021. The red caps are soaking up the sun, the gowns are flowing in the wind. This is East High School graduation. If you’re graduating, this memory will stick with you for the rest of your life. Walking onto the stage, accepting your high school diploma from the East High administrators. As graduating seniors accept their diplomas, they reflect on their favorite high school memories, ranging from spirit week, to prom, to football games. Here are some of the most memorable moments from high school according to seniors. “My most memorable moment at EHS was the Haunted Tour we did my junior year [2019-20] to raise funds for the family of Dominic Reidburn. …It was funny seeing the reactions from the people that passed by, and it was for a good cause, as we lost a fellow Scarlet too soon,” Senior Dominick Claussen said.
The 2020-21 school year has been exceptionally hard due to COVID-19. Seniors have pushed through to the end and are almost done with their high school career. While senior year may not have been ideal, they love to look back on previous years and reflect on the great moments that have came from East High School. “East is unique because of its diversity and size, meaning we bring a lot of culture and openness. My freshman year, my classmate Casey D. dressed up as the snapchat hotdog!,” Senior Diana Nguyen said. A lot of seniors experience “senioritis.” Senioritis is the lack of motivation to get any school work done in the last weeks or months of school. Senioritis is very common among seniors across the nation. Seniors got robbed of a regular senior year; no football games, no homecoming, and a very strange prom night. Since students have been quarantined in their homes since last March, a lot of students now experience social anxieties and prominent uneasiness. It took some students a few weeks to get back into the regularly scheduled routine.

“After not being in in-person school for so long, it made it hard for me to be social, especially those first few weeks,” Senior Kristiana Lilly said. “I also had a case of senioritis.” As the world returns back to normal, and more and more students get their vaccines, East High School students and staff can finally see a light at the end of a long, long
tunnel. Graduation parties are in the books, college acceptances are being chosen. Money is being spent for prom outfits, caps and gowns, post-graduation outfits, college necessities, and all of the needed and wanted senior purchases.

“Mr. Rudisill and Mrs. Niemeyer impacted my high school experience so much! They guided me and pushed me to do my best work and helped me find my inspiration to become a teacher and journalist.” Senior Charity Bos said. Sadly, seniors will not to be able to use the new rennovation of East High’s auditorium. Along with the seniors, biology teacher and golf coach Lowell Long is moving on and retiring at the end of this schoolyear. “Villanueva is the best taco truck around.” Senior Diana Nguyen said. Eating and reviewing different taco trucks around East is apart of the high school expirence here at East. There are many hidden gems around East, including resturants, sweet shops, gift stores, and much more. Making memories you can fondly lookback on after high school is so much fun. Eating out with friends, competeing in sports, and performing in the arts. All ways to make great memories while in high school.