Scroll Seniors

Find out more about East High senior journalists

Shukri Abdirahman

Designers, reporters, writers, researchers, editors, interviewers…these are all words to describe the student journalists at East High School. The senior student journalists have seen it all, find out more about them and their experiences with newspaper over the last four years.
Maria Hernandez is the design editor. Her job is to look over other staffer’s designs and edit them to make sure they are the best they can be. She has taken newspaper since her sophomore year. She is going to miss the atmosphere and the friendships that she has built in this class.
“I have built lifelong friendships, learned lessons that I will always use and made memories that I will always remember,” Hernandez said.
Alex Miranda is a student journalist. He writes about topics that are important and need to be addressed. In the last issue he wrote about Asian hate crimes. Miranda joined this class his senior year, but he wishes he joined earlier because he loves it.
“What I am going to miss most about this class is that we get to write about whatever we want… I feel more free in this class,” Miranda said.
Ena Marie Guerra Caballero has been a Scroll staff member since her sophomore year as well. Her role is to write about anything she is interested in and getting out of her comfort zone. Her experiences with this class have been very positive and she loves how close and respectful everyone in this class is.
“I would love to say thank you to Ms. Niemeyer for everything she has done to make newspaper amazing and getting me interested in journalism. Also, thank you to all the Scroll staffers for being absolutely great and supportive with everything I write or express about in this class,” Guerra Caballero said.
Joselyn Hildebrand is a feature editor. She reviews feature stories and proofreads rough and final drafts. She has been on the Scroll staff since the second semester of her freshman year. One of her favorite experiences with this class was when she went on a five day journalism camp at the University of Iowa. She will miss making new friends and the excitement of seeing the published newspaper in real life.
“We always need new Scroll staffers! Take Journalism 1 then join newspaper. You won’t regret it,” Hildebrand said.
Sawra Selema is editor in- chief of the scroll. Her job is to lead the class and help plan. Her and Ryleigh make calendars for the class and they also edit papers. Selema has been in scroll since the second semester of her sophomore year. She says that this class radiates such great energy and even on her worst days, this class would bring her much joy.
“If you want to be heard or give people voices, this is the class to be in. I hope students will always have this class after years to come because it’s very important that we are heard, we are the future,” Selema said.
Ryleigh Hayworth is editor-in-chief, along with Sawra. She plans deadlines, makes edits, and teaches others the skills she has learned. She’s been on Scroll staff since the second semester of her freshman year, and she never expected newspaper to be such an important part of her high school experience. She loves being leader of the class. Helping and teaching staff members new techniques has been some of her most rewarding memories.
“There is nothing better than cracking open a box of freshly printed Scroll issues and seeing our hard work materialize… Anything I wanted to learn about or learn how to do I’ve been free to do it, and I hope every newspaper student takes advantage of that,” Hayworth said.
Kylea Tackett is the multi-media manager. She posts on social media on behalf of the class. She has been on Scroll staff for 2 years and she loves this class. She joined with no experience and now she is an editor. She loves being creative in a fun and laid back environment. She is going to miss the satisfaction of finishing an issue and hanging out with friends.
“If you have the opportunity, get involved in the Scroll. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made,” Tackett said.
Jesus Martinez-Aviles is a scroll staffer. He likes to write about issues that are important such as discrimination, diversity, inclusion, etc. He’s been on Scroll staff since his junior year. His favorite memory was when he got the privilege to write the double page spread on the topic of undocumented students and staff at East High School. He is going to miss how the whole class would work together to complete an amazing project. He says that there is no better feeling in newspaper than writing about what you love and then telling others about it.
“Natural writers are born when there is a passion to strive them. If you have something to say, say it. There are a lot of people waiting to hear a passionate person,” Martinez-Aviles said.