Starting new chapter

Three seniors shared their experiences about what they have learned throughout the last four years and what’s next after high school. It’s time to open a new chapter, it’s time to let go of what has hurt you, it’s time to say goodbye. Forgive and forget, realize what you had taken for granted, what you lost and what you gained. Just go with the flow.

Devaki Adhikari, Writer

When a senior leaves, they leave behind a lot of memories. If there was time a machine wouldn’t it be great just to see, how far you’ve come, those regret, laughter, tears, and pain were just temporary. Seniors have encountered many obstacles during their final year as East High School students.
When Morgan Demuth is not at school, you can find her listening to music, reading a lot of books, and hanging out with her friends.
“I like reading because you’re able to put yourself in a different world and feel different emotions,” Demuth said.
Everyone has hobbies and interests to keep them motivated but when your loved ones start expecting more of you because you are a senior, it is important to react with understanding and handle it with maturity.
“My parents treat me differently this year then rest of the years and have been little bit harder on me,” Demuth said.

During COVID-19, life has not been easy for teenagers. Many seniors feel overwhelmed. Senior Alexandra Momaney who pushed herself to get out of her comfort zone, giving herself the opportunity to dig deeper by understanding through people experiences, including their perspectives on current things. She participated in a program at Iowa State where she had to stay in a college dorm. Which encouraged her to go out there and truly experience life.
“As a senior, I feel like this year has been weird, I feel like I haven’t got exactly a true experience. We didn’t get football games, didn’t get much of Scarlet pride, homecoming, but the only senior thing I am looking forward to is prom, graduation, and applying for colleges. I am excited to vote. I am excited to get more freedom. I am excited to trying to figure out how to get an apartment, and I am excited to see what’s there to come even though it might not go smoothly,” Momaney said.

It is important to take elective courses in high school, so you know what your interests are. The best way to do this is to take as many courses as possible before going to college.
“The classes I had online were precalculus, entrepreneurship and marketing. I wanted to take entrepreneurship and Marketing because I also wanted to go into business in college,” senior Jasmine Arroyo said.
When Arroyo was a freshman, she faced a situation where she had to stand up for herself rather than pretending like everything is fine because by this doing is allows others to take advantage of you.
“I am Latino, but I don’t speak Spanish so one time during my freshman year this kid told me to go back to my country, and I was like I have never even been there. And I was kind of yelling at him because I wasn’t not even sure if he was kidding or not, but he should still not have said that,” Arroyo said.