Meet the junior: Kayte Yaw


Kayte Yaw (right) and Tabby Hochmuth (left) at Lincoln High School for the East v. Licoln constrcution theme football game.

Kaylie Shannon

You may see her in the East High student section under the Friday night lights. Or, playing soccer for the East High Scarlets in the spring. Kayte Yaw is a junior at East High School, and she recently set a new school record as a wrestler. Although Yaw has only been on the wrestling team for a few years, she has always felt welcomed.
“I think East High is the greatest school and anyone could go here because it is inclusive towards everyone,” Yaw said.
Kayte Yaw was born February 24, 2004. She attends East High School. Yaw is on the varsity wrestling team and the varsity girls soccer team. Wrestling, coached by James Giboo, recently came to an end. Kayte is one of the only girls on the team, and set a new school record this season at state. Wrestling season started at the end of November, and off season workouts, coached by James Giboo, are apart of every East high wrestler’s routine to stay in shape.
“Coach James Giboo changed my whole life. He taught me to be strong even when I feel like I’m going to break. He taught me that it always gets better, things just take time and hard work. I couldn’t ask for a better coach, he is like a mentor to me,” Yaw said.
Yaw has been coached and mentored by wrestling coach James Giboo, soccer coach Reiv Bentley, and 2019-2020 girls basketball season Aaron Otool. Yaw is also involved in the making of the East High yearbook, and has been for her entire junior year. Sitting alongside her is sophomore Tabby Hochmuth.
“Kayte is not only a great athlete, but a great friend. Every day when I walk into class, she immediately makes me smile. She just has this bubbly personality and is so warm and welcoming. When we went to our first 2021 East football game together, the beach out, she was so much fun to be around. I love hanging out with her inside and outside of school. She is really just the best,” Hochmuth said.
Kayte is very outgoing around most people she meets. She always has a smile on her face. Kayte is always a fun person to be around, and she can make any situation into a fun time. Some things people may not know about Kayte is that she likes to work. She manages to work at least 12 hours a week at HyVee, while in the midst of varsity wrestling season. During the 2021 East High football season, Yaw attended the beach out, (East v. North) construction theme, (East @ Lincoln) east side legend night, (East v. Ames) and costume out, (East v. Ankeny Centennial) just to name a few. Always going all in with the football game themes, Kayte Yaw is such a fun and creative individual. She is not only caring, but “warm and welcoming,” according to her class of 2023 peers.
Continuing to grow and expand her mind, soul, and body, she is a mood enhancer. Receiving love and support from her friends and family during soccer season, wrestling season, and the off season, Yaw is always a great person to go support.