Scroll Seniors

Find out more about East High student journalists leaving their mark

Beverly Gillard

Friends, researchers, communicators, reporters, writers, editors, interviewers, and correspondents. These are all words to describe East High School, student journalists. These Scroll seniors have seen it all, from the pandemic to the shooting at our school. Keep reading to find out about them, and their experiences with newspaper.
Devaki Adhikari has been a part of the Scroll team for two and a half years. Adhikari has very exciting plans after high school. she is going to be attending Des Moines Area Community College and then transferring to a four-year college out of state. She is interested in exploring Human Services and Psychology as her career. Adhikari enjoys listening to music, hiking, and spending quality time with her parents and close friends. She can be seen as an introvert but can be extroverted to those who she is close to. Her favorite part about Scroll is how nice and outgoing everyone is.
“I just love how everyone was always ready to help their classmates even though we did not know each other that much at the beginning of a term instead of thinking about getting their own work done,” Adhikari said.
Alexuis Bloomer has been a part of the Scroll team since the beginning of her junior year. Bloomer plans on attending Mount Mercy University to become a nurse and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Bloomer has 10 siblings and likes to make sculptures and paintings. Her favorite part about Scroll is that she can be creative with her work.
“It feels like a free space to create and write about things that you feel comfortable writing about,” Bloomer said.
Isabella Lopez has been with the Scroll staff for three years; she joined at the beginning of her sophomore year. Lopez plans on attending Grand View University majoring in nursing, specifically pediatrics. Lopez is the oldest in her family, she’s good with kids, and is involved in 12 clubs at East High School. Her favorite part about Scroll is being editor-in-chief.
“It’s opened a lot of opportunities for me to become more of a leader and to become closer with more of the staff and students around East,” Lopez said.
Shukri Abdirahman has been a Scroll staffer since the second semester of her sophomore year, she was in journalism for the first semester of her sophomore year. She became co-editor in chief her senior year. Abdirahman plans on attending Drake University, majoring in Elementary Education, so she can be an elementary school teacher. Abdirahman comes from a big family, she moved to Iowa four years ago, before living in Iowa she lived in Portland, Maine for 12 years. Her favorite part about Scroll is the environment and the people surrounding her.
“This is the class I look forward to most, I really like the people and the environment. Mrs. Niemeyer is one of my biggest influences and I’m really going to miss her,” Abdirahman said
Lyric Sellers has been a part of the Scroll team since her sophomore year. Her favorite part about Scroll is being able to tell stories, and learn about other people’s passions, and seeing how creative they are. Sellers has a lot of hobbies like theatre, basketball, and student activism. Sellers has a full-ride scholarship to attend Iowa State University to major in communications, where she plans to enhance her skills in building interpersonal relationships and working with people.
“I like careers that involve working with people, I’m really interested in advocacy, especially in education,” Sellers said.
Alea Hoof has been a part of the Scroll family for four years. Hoof has fascinating plans after high school. She plans on attending Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids Iowa, to major in health management. Hoof is very artistic; she loves to draw and paint. Another captivating fact about Hoof is that she can split her tongue into three. Her favorite part about Scroll was the loving and fun environment.
“My favorite part about Scroll was being able to express yourself in diverse ways around so many individuals who shared the same liking for your writing as you do,” Hoof said.
Aiom Makier has been with the Scroll Family since she was a freshman. Makier graduated from East early this year, and she went straight to work. As of right now, Makier is working as a Health Care Technician at Broadlawns Hospital. She is going to school for the Spring of 2023 at Mercy College, she will be majoring in nursing, labor, and delivery specifically. Her favorite part about Scroll was the comfortable environment and how you could write about anything you wanted, even if someone didn’t like your opinion.
“I especially loved Niemeyer, without her I don’t think I would’ve been in newspaper,” Makier said.