Meet Tabby Hochmuth

Kaylie Shannon

You may have seen her at Williams Stadium showing off her school spirit, cheering for the Scarlets. You may have seen her in the halls, or in class. Tabby Hochmuth is everywhere around East High School, and you may not know anything about her, but you are about to. Hochmuth is a Junior, and is the most bubbly person you will ever meet. Constantly meeting new people and making new friends, Hochmuth takes pride in being outgoing.
“I just want people to know that I’m really friendly and inclusive, I love making new friends always. I love to have fun and just live life.” Hochmuth said.
Hochmuth was born Nov. 2, 2005, which makes her a Scorpio. Despite all of the stigma around Scorpios, Hochmuth proves these stigmas wrong. Hochmuth’s favorite things to do include shopping, being with friends, family, and working. She has a special place in her heart for the East side of Des Moines. Born and raised on the East side makes her a true Eastsider.
“I am born and raised on the East side, and I love living here. The East side is such a good community and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.” Hochmuth said.
Hochmuth grew up surrounded by campgrounds and basketball courts, and time with her older sister, mom, and dad.
Hochmuth has been playing basketball since she was a little girl. She now plays for the East High Scarlets varsity girls basketball team. Hochmuth plays point guard, and she is fast on the court. She has a love for basketball that is very strong.
“Tabby is so sweet. She is probably the most friendly person I know. She is one of the nicest people I know.” junior Cloey Lamb said.
After high school, Hochmuth plans to attend DMACC for her first two years of her college life. She also wants to attend the University of Iowa.
“I was thinking about going to the University of Iowa for awhile, but if I do two years at DMACC first, I know it will be cheaper.” Hochmuth said.
Even so, Hochmuth is only 16 years old. She still has her senior year to find the right plan for herself. Hochmuth wants to appreciate and love East High School as much as she can while enrolled. Hochmuth is always here at East High School, and you will not miss her anywhere in the building.