East High Girls Wrestling

2022-20233 Season


The crowd was roaring, the lights were shining, and the East girl’s wrestling team season has come to an end. Let’s see the team’s best moments and what to do if you want to join next season’s fun.

Where do you practice and when?
“During season we practice in the girl’s wrestling room at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday,” girls wrestling coach Mallory Hammit said.

Who is able to join?
“Any girls are able to join,” Hammit said.

What was your favorite match?
“At Ames when I got my first win against an Ames girl sophomore,” sophomore Dayanara Amaya said.

What was your favorite meet or moment?
“Regionals because it was a fun experience,” freshman Avah Blakeman said. What do you do to practice for a meet?

What do you do to practice for a meet?
“Sometimes I listen to music it gets me hyped and I keep positive vibes or get a good workout in,” senior Kayte Yaw said.

How long is the wrestling season?
“Our last day of the season was Feburary 3rd,” Hammit said.

What are the rules of wrestling? “If you have never tried wrestling, come to open mat and we’ll tell you them, for more information come to the weight room or J. Rs’s office,” Hammit said.

— Mallory Hammit

What was your goal for this season?
“My goal was to get my first win,” Amaya said.

Why did you join?
“My online friends talked me into it, all my guy friends convinced me to join freshman year,”
Yaw said.

What was your goal this season?
“My goal was to make it to state, but it didn’t work out,” Blakeman said.