Introducing The Ambassadors

No one knows who’s the Ambassadors are, lets introduce them!

Introducing The Ambassadors

Grace Withee, Staff

Have you ever wondered who talks to the Des Moines School Board to make changes at East and the district? Do you ever wonder who advocates for East High School students? Have you ever wondered who plans most of the dances and spirit weeks? These people are strong-willed, amazing, ready to help in any way they can, and have amazing hearts. These people are called Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are a group of Scarlet Squad students ready to jump into action during fourth period every day.

To become an Ambassador, you must be in the Scarlet Squad as well. They do a lot to make East High School a better place. Right now, they are trying to find a new mascot instead of just the “E.” In order to end the controversy surrounding the Indian mascot of 25 years, East High School decided to remove it, now the Ambassadors are attempting to create a new mascot to better represent East. The Ambassadors must talk to students, alumni, and the school board to get a mascot everyone will like. The process of finding a new mascot is long and complicated but they are trying their best. They have gone through multiple options, but they want to make sure it is perfect for East High School students.

We are the backbone for student government.

— Kate Acosta

“I would say it’s kind of stressful finding a new mascot, we are still debating on what East would like that’s why it’s stressful,” Paulina Rojas/12 said.

When something needs to be done for East, they do it. They do all the volunteer work; they visit elementary schools and middle schools. They focus on things that will make East better and help student government; they do things that student government needs help with. Student government plans things but the ambassadors do most of the work after perfecting it.

Everyone is so excited when homecoming comes around and the spirit week that comes with it. They never think about who helps with that. The people who help sell the tickets and help with the spirit weeks and what they should be and who wins the spirit weeks. They do a lot behind the scenes to help with homecoming. “I liked how we all came together and worked on the decorations and everything that needed to be finished for the dance, it was good to know what was going on at school,” Tabitha Hochmuth/11 said.

Homecoming is a hectic week for the ambassadors. They run around trying to make things look perfect, they make decorations for the dance and make it look nice. They put a lot of work into the dances, and they are so proud of what they do for the students.

Ambassadors are perfect examples of what it is to be a community and have one another’s backs. Every decision they make, they make sure that everyone has their opinions heard and they come to unison with every decision they make. “Personally, it is my favorite class to go to, the vibe is incredibly positive. It is a student lead class, and they work very well together,” Maddie Cano said.

They strongly believe that every decision they come to is for the students and to make East a better school to be in. They go beyond the stigma behind East and try to make East’s stigma better. The ambassadors put their heart into everything they do, they have such strong hearts and care about what the students of East want.