Boys Swimming

Seniors take their last dive


Eliza Berglund, staff writer

It’s a Saturday morning, you wake up and get ready for the boy’s swim meet. You then arrive at East High School; you walk through the pool doors and the smell of chlorine and the extreme temperature change hits you. You sit down and hear music playing while the team has fun warming-up for their meet. You see the seniors taking charge and leading the group, overall with a really good vibe. This is a typical day with the East boys swim team.
This swim season all the boys have worked really and swam their best with the helpful hand of couches Erin and Patrick Lowe, sadly this season will be the last for Ryan Trujillo, Sam Wagner, Nick Lueder, and Dashing Boston. The team won against North High School and Centerville, but lost all their other meets, but they improved every swim meet.
“This season was something, they tried hard, but they had a disadvantage because they didn’t have a lot of experienced swimmers, but they did pretty good considering”, manager Delaney Hayworth said.
Swimming is a family sport, if one of your siblings, friends, or even your parents did swim you will most likely end up going out for swimming.
“My brother did swim, and my cross-country friend were doing it so it seemed like the right choice,” Sam Wagner said.
Swim is a really good sport to go out for, you get to hang out with your friends, you get a full body work out, it can be relaxing, and you will have a good time it so sad that this swim season is over for these seniors it will be the last high school swim season and they made the most of it.
“This season went really well I met all my goals, we had a good team dynamic,” Wagner said.