Yearbook editors closed final chapter

Gabriella Lopez

You may have passed by room 3060N during seventh period to see a loud and hardworking class of 35 students. Working on the yearbook that will keep memories forever. The 2023 yearbook editors are saying their goodbyes soon and starting a new chapter of their life.

Selena Gonzalez is a senior at East High School. Gonzalez is from Des Moines, Iowa and grew up on the East side. Gonzalez is involved in IHSSA, tennis, Dream to Teach, Science Bound, yearbook editor and chief. Since Gonzalez stated her time at East, “it was pretty great, I got involved in a lot of things pretty late, but I’m glad I got involved in all that I did because they were all really fun, especially yearbook,” Gonzalez said. The changes Gonzalez would like to see at East are currently in motion and happening. These changes are the things that she wanted to see for East when she first came here. “We’re becoming more inclusive. A lot more people are going out and making changes, advocating for it. I would like to see that continue for East,” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez has been shaped by East, “East really taught me you can be your authentic self and you don’t have to worry about what other people think. Everyone here is all vastly different, no one cares or makes fun of them for it,” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez is attending Iowa State University, she is majoring in biology secondary education, with a minor in Spanish. She plans to come back and work hopefully for East, but if not the Des Moines district. Gonzalez’s advice to other students, “things do get rough, classes will suck and you may not like all your teachers, but you just got to stick it out, pass those classes. Those four years go by fast, take advantage of every moment, every day, every activity,” Gonzalez said.

Brenda Moreno is a senior at East High School. Moreno is from Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Chicago until the beginning of middle school when she moved to Des Moines, Iowa. Moreno is involved in tennis, Scarlet Squad, editor and chief in yearbook and is in theatre as she played in “Heathers.” “I really meet a lot of new people and friends, especially through theatre,” Moreno said. Moreno would like to see more participation at events for East. “As a senior I really didn’t get the chance to because of COVID-19, I would definitely like to see people more involved,” Moreno said. Moreno expressed that yearbook helped shape her as a person because she struggled with communication with others. “I feel like it really builds those communication skills that you need for jobs and your future,” Moreno said. Moreno plans on attending two years of DMACC, before transferring to Iowa State University, majoring in criminal justice. Moreno’s advice to students is to get involved. “It’s very fun and nice to look back in the future, even now as a senior,” Moreno said.

Samuel Wagner is a senior at East High School. Wagner is from Des Moines and grew up here. Wagner is involved in cross country, swimming, tennis and Scarlet Squad at East. I asked Wagner what his time at East was like and he responded, “My time at east was good, boring at times. Some people are nice,” Wagner said. Wagner would like to see some changes at East, “I would like to see them enforce kids in the hallways more often and stop letting it get by,” Wagner said. Wagner expressed that East shaped him because he can now interact with anybody or talk to anyone now. “Taught me to be civil,” Wagner said. Wagner plans on attending Iowa State University, majoring in engineering/mechanical. Wagner’s advice to students attending East, “Go to class and get all a’s, it’s really not that hard,” Wagner said.