Mrs. Weller’s East history

Gabe Cook

Mrs. Weller has been at East High school for 22 years. She was here four years as a student, five years as a teacher assistant and 13 years as a teacher. Over the years, Mrs. Weller has taught a bunch of classes such as metals 1, metals 2, graphics and 3d art. But sadly, many students don’t know who Mrs. Weller is and what she does for East. Ever since she was younger, Mrs. Weller has always loved East High School and has had lots of school spirit over the years. As a student, Mrs. Weller didn’t really participate in any activities such as sports, band, etc. but she has always supported East. For example, she would make posters for different events such as prom and other dances. One thing Mrs. Weller wants to change about East is our pride. Over the years, she’s noticed that we have a lot less school spirit and a lot less people proud of going to East and she wants this to change.
“Nobody’s proud of where we go…. Pride is a sin but there’s still liking and appreciating where you’re from and that’s how I think of pride, and I think if you’re proud of something you take good care of it,” Weller said.
Mrs. Weller’s favorite thing about East is the traditions. Traditions are a big part of East culture and many of them are slipping away. Mrs. Weller wants to see the traditions come back because if they go away the building would only be a building and not a place with a big history.
“It needs to grow back up; it’s starting to fade away and if the traditions fade away at that point, I’ll only love the building and that’s weird,” Weller said.
Mrs. Wellers’ favorite memory as a student is being the first student to letter in art and only in art. For example, students could get letters for football than art or a letter for band than art, but Mrs. Weller was the first student to get a letter for just art.
“My art teacher and the principal made it, so I lettered in art, I have a letter but it’s an art letter instead of an academic letter or sports letter and that was exciting for me,” Weller said.
As a teacher Mrs. Wellers favorite memory is seeing her old students outside of school doing good. She likes being able to catch up with them and see how they’re doing. “I have one student who we call our bonus daughter, she’s in our Christmas picture and she comes to our stuff,” Weller said. Over the years, Mrs. Weller has done so much for East as an alumnus and as a teacher. Many students have lots of respect for her such as Tristyn Emery. Emery had Mrs. Weller for two classes while at East High school (metals 1, metals 2). Over time Emery has made many memories in his metal classes.
“The tray that I made when it was first being made just giving its shape,” Emery said.
Many of East High schools’ staff and teachers have great relationships with Mrs. Weller as well. One of these teachers is Warren Brown. Mr. Brown has known Mrs. Weller for 16 years but has taught with Mrs. Weller for eight years. At Goodrill Middle School, Mr. Brown taught Mrs. Weller’s son so even before East they were friends. While at East, Mr. Brown and Mrs. Weller have made many memories together.
“As far as working making sure the equipment is working and learning how to make new equipment things like that is fun to work through together,” Brown said.
Over the years Mrs. Weller has made many memories and helped many students make memories and will do the same for years to come. East High School will always respect Mrs. Weller for the many things she has done for the students and the school.