Science Bound Seniors


Beverly Gillard

Kareyna Holmes

“My favorite memory from science bound was when the freshman at ISU came back to East. Their presentations were informative, and I enjoyed hearing from them. Science bound has shaped me into who I am, it helped me find my career path and prepared me for college. After high school I plan to go to Iowa State and major in Biology Secondary Education,” Holmes said.
“If you have the chance to be in science bound, take it! Even if you don’t want to go to school for ASTEM, it is a helpful program to prepare for college and gives you good opportunities and experiences regardless,” Holmes said.

Amare Lee

“My favorite science bound memory was having to follow a college student around and going to his class. It helped me get a sense of what college would look like for me. My plan is to go to college and study business so I can learn how to start one of my own,” Lee said.

Nathan Reyes

“One of my favorite memories from Science Bound was the upperclassmen trip to a pumpkin patch in Mitchellville. I loved it because it gave us the chance to grow closer, share advice, have fun, and eat tons of hotdogs. I feel that Science Bound has not only helped me get the chance to do something like that but also helped me find my community and friends. Science Bound has also given me the chance to help shape my career goals with trips and shadow days. All in all, Science Bound has given me more much than a scholarship. After high school, my plan is to attend ISU, I’ve already accepted admissions and begun the housing process. During the summer my goal is to apply for the MercyOne EMT program and gain skills and knowledge as well as money to save up. I plan to attend for 4 years and get my bachelors in Kinesiology,” Reyes said.

Nallely Fuentes-Chavas

“My favorite memory from science bound would be shadow day. On shadow day we go on campus and spend a day with someone in the profession we’re interested in. This year I had the opportunity to join women in business,” Fuentes-Chavas said.

“Science bound is like a family and people you can trust. The way it has impacted me is in the way it showed me how to be a better person inside school and out of school it has also taught me many things and has prepared me for college. My plans are to attend Iowa State University and major in accounting and become a realtor on the side,” Fuentes-Chavas said.

Selena Gonzalez

“My favorite memory would have to be when we all came together as a junior class and made a send-off gift basket for Mrs. Fitz. I feel it truly showed how much we care and can come together when need be. After high school my plans are to attend Iowa State University and major in Biology Secondary education with a minor in Spanish,” Gonzalez said.
“Science bound is a wonderful program that sets high standards and goals for students, further preparing them for the future that has offered me so many opportunities. Thanks Science bound!” Gonzalez said.