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New Cell Phone Policy

Students and staff share their feelings on phones

You are in class, and you notice that half of the students in the class are on their phones and not paying attention. You see that the teacher is getting frustrated because students are on their phones. This was common in East classrooms last year and this year the East High School administrators plan to putt an end to this problem
“I think it was just the idea that we need boundaries as people and it’s difficult to compete like multitasking is really difficult and your attention tends to go down and we’re seeing a huge lack of engagement when cellphones are a part of it,” administrator Steven Leib said.
Teachers are on board with the changes and appreciate every classroom operating the same
“I really appreciate the new phone policy because what it does is it gives me specific steps that I can take when students are not doing what I need them to do,” Spanish teacher Kristen Macdonald York said.
There are teachers who believe the phone policy is working such as Spanish teacher Kristen Macdonald York.
“I think it is because all I need to do is tell students like if I have to take it away from you again, I’m going to bring it to the office, and somebody has to come pick it up and nobody wants that,” Macdonald York said.
This policy comes from the Administrators wanting the students at East High School to do better because they care.
“I’m glad that we now are giving students a chance to really make sure that Thay are intensive of their learning and that we are intensive to their learning as well,” Macdonald York said.
Students have mixed feelings about this new phone policy.
“I think it’s a pretty effective rule and it needed to happen. Obviously not everyone listens to it but as someone who loves to be on my phone in class, I feel like this policy is way better,” senior Maya Hernandez Howard said.
Not everyone thinks the new phone policy is effective.
“I think the phone policy is unnecessary because students are responsible for their own learning so if they don’t want to do the work and be on their phone than that’s their fault,” junior Marty Reed said
Some people don’t know how they feel about it.
“It’s weird because a lot of rules have changed since last year and a lot of teachers are starting to crack down on kids having their phone out and even kids having air pods in,” junior Lynnze Vasquez said.
Students have noticed a change from last year.
“I’ve noticed I haven’t really seen people with their phone out very much…I feel like this year I barely see them out,” Hernandez Howard said.

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