5 things Donald Trump wants to change in the first 100 days

Elise Dowler

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Trump has many plans for education starting with Betsy Devos as secretary of education One plan is to change Common Core. Common Core is  where every state is on the same playing field. As far as education goes there are many different opinions on Trump wanting to change Common Core some good and bad. I think he really cares for education and he is going to try his best to fix our broken education system. As for Common Core I think it’s a good idea to change it because I work in an elementary and I think that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed for the kids,” Senior Jordan Milligan said.

The Wall

One of the biggest things that Donald Trump wants to do and has already started planning is making a wall on America’s southern border, cutting off Mexico from the United States. The wall is one of the biggest controversy’s of him being in office.” I feel like the wall is a bad idea because if anything him being president has divided a lot of people and the wall just makes America seem like it’s not a safe place and that we want to keep people out intentionally,” Senior Jaya Trogdon

Social Media

When it comes to social media and Twitter in general Trump is very out spoken about the things he has to say and the way he feels. “What Trump does not understand is that when he was a business man, -he was able to say whatever he wanted to say and as a entertainer it did not matter. As the representative of the United States of America he needs to be more careful with his words and he has already been burned a couple of times and it will continue to happen and at some point I expect that he will slow that down and will finally convince him that he is not doing anyone any favors,” teacher Mr. El-Baroudi said.


ACA stands for “The Affordable Care Act”, which was put in action to help people who struggle to still be able to have health care. As far as we know Trump wants to repeal and replace it. “He is going to try as he promised to dismantle it completely. I think he just does not flat out care about a lot of people and low income people need this. Donald Trump has shown that those are the people he is not interested in” teacher Mr. Mahler said.

All Around Presidency

Lastly there are many things that people have concerns about in general with him being president and here are some of them. “ My biggest concern is that he is not seeing the big picture, as in making the world unified I feel like he is more about himself and that he is not there for the people like the people need him,” Jaya Trogdon said





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