DMPS Publications Editorial Policy | East Quill & East Scroll

Statement of ownership

East Scroll and East Quill are produced by students at Des Moines East High School in Des Moines, IA. East Scroll and East Quill are both public forums produced by journalism students. The student editors make content decisions consistent within the guidelines provided by the publications policy, Iowa Law and the ethics of journalism.

Mission statement

Quill staff is committed to producing a top quality student yearbook and news magazine, applying high standards of writing, editing, and production. East Publications seeks to fairly serve the East High School faculty, students and staff. Final content decisions are the responsibility of student editors.

Policy guidelines

Purpose of the publications: The purpose of East Scroll and East Quill are to serve their readers in the following ways:

  • Providing a forum for discussing ideas important to students
  • Fair and accurate reporting of news events
  • Entertaining feature content
  • Making readers aware of important pending change
  • Building school community
  • Serving as a watchdog of student government and administration
  • Providing information about commercial goods and services available to the school and the community through advertisements

Community standards

Although no laws exist that restrict the use of profanity, the staff understands that even though profanity may be common in hallways throughout East, it can cause strong reactions when it appears in print.

Profanity may be used in the paper only when contained in a direct quote from an individual and when, in the opinion of the editors, the language is essential for accurate reporting. In such cases, the reporter must have documentation of the accuracy of the quote, and the person quoted must have been aware that their comments were on the record. Final decisions regarding profanity will be made by editors.

Senior photos

All senior photos submitted to the East yearbook must be a vertical full color head/shoulder shot without props. Photos that do not fit requirements will not be published. 

There will be a full list of all photos received posted in the main office window two weeks after the deadline. Due to the high volume of photos that are received, all seniors need to check the final list to confirm their photo was received. Students who do not check the final list cannot be guaranteed that their senior photo will be published in the yearbook.

Yearbook mug shots

The only freshman, sophomore and junior mugshots that will be included in the yearbook will be supplied by Interstate and are taken on photo day and photo make-up day. Students who are not following the school dress code will also be omitted from the mug shot section of the book.


East publications students will not publish any material determined by student editors to be unprotected per Iowa Code 280.22:  Student exercise of free expression

Letters to editor

The Scroll welcomes letters but reserves the right to edit for space as needed. Outside contributions are subject to the usual content restrictions and must conform to general paper policy. Signed commentaries represent personal opinions, not views of the staff. Also, your letter needs to include your full name and grade. Unsigned letters will not be printed. You can deliver your letter to Natalie Niemeyer-Lorenz in room 3060N or email to [email protected].

Policies about publications material

No staff members are to be pictured unless they are directly involved in the activity

Students/ staff members outside of publications should have access to material before it is published- this includes photos, stories and story ideas

No story, page or content should be subjected to prior review

No photos from social media should be used unless for use in a story about social media

Publications cameras are for use in publications students only and the student who the camera is checked out to is the only student who should be operating the camera

Do not leave cameras in cars overnight

Photos on the shared drive are property of East publications and are not for personal use by students

Do not Tweet or publish photos that are to be used for publications for personal use


Any material intended for original publication in Quill or Scroll is property of Quill or Scroll and other usage of work must be approved by adviser and authors before publication in outside media. It is expected that proper credit to author and name of publication will be given upon publishing.


No refunds will be issued for yearbooks. No refunds will be issued for approved and placed ads in yearbook and newspaper.

Ad space

Ad space is first come, first serve in publications. Payment is due within 30 days after invoice date or as stated in contract.


All student work including design & writing will be assessed using DMPS journalism district rubrics.

Yearbook Distribution

Yearbooks that are not picked up or claimed a year after distribution will be surrendered.

Students may not pick up books for other students unless they have a signed note or they are siblings

Social Media Guidelines

Students will be appointed to run the publications’ social media accounts. These students are responsible for representing the program in a positive light ensuring that all content posted is related to the purpose of the publication. Passwords will be shared with advisers only, no other students will be allowed access to these accounts. Breaking these policies will result in the loss of privileges and possible dismissal from staff.

Last updated: April, 2019