How to survive high school

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Have you been feeling like High School isn’t working out? Do you not enjoy going to school because you aren’t attending school? Your grades aren’t doing too well and you are failing your classes, and you have no support system. Well you’re in luck here are some great tips that will make a big difference.

Sports and Actives
Being involved in sports and activities is essential to surviving High School because you can make new friends and be more outgoing. “It helps you make friends before High School, before freshman year I played volleyball, so it helped me,” sophomore Morgan Demuth said. You learn very important life skills like being a team member, a participant and a leader. “It’s a fast way to make friends and open up more,” junior Niyata Adum said.

Teachers and Counselors
The type of relationship you have with your teachers and counselor can define your future and help you along the way. “I hope that the relationships that students have with their teachers and counselors is based on respect and trust. Trust that we do want you to learn and succeed on your own terms as much as possible, but also know that we all have to step up even if we don’t FEEL like doing work or being at school sometimes,” counselor Ashlee Duimstra said. Having a great relationship with your teachers and peers at school can give you more opportunities and your teacher might be willing to let you change grades. “Even having just one teacher or counselor can help you be more successful in school and in life outside of school. It helps give you that sense of belonging and provides you with someone to advocate for you,” Randi Fitzgerald, teacher at East said.

Making sure that your grades are good is one of the keys to surviving High School. The certain kind of technique you use to pass your classes is very important. “Honestly paying attention and having a good relationship with my teachers helps me pass,” Demuth said. What else is better than having a teacher that you can lean on when you aren’t doing too well. “It’s frustrating when students tell me they are confused about what is happening in class or that they want to drop a class because it’s “hard” only to see that they haven’t been attending. Of course, it’s hard because you’re not there,” Duimstra stated. Taking notes attending and showing the teacher that you are engaged is very helpful and it shows you want to be there and you’re ready to learn.

The kind of friendships that you have or the people you hang around with can really affect how you’re doing in school. “There are so many times in life when we are scared, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. And it HELPS to be able to vent or talk it out with someone you trust. Human beings are social, and we need to have a good support system in place when life is hard,” Duimstra said. There are also friendships that’s aren’t very helpful, and you must watch out for that. “It’s very unhealthy when they make you skip and peer pressure you to do bad things,” Demuth said. healthy friendships and relationships aren’t only a high school thing you will use it throughout your life so why not start now.
“High school can be tough, and there will be days where you ask yourself ‘when will I ever use this again?’ That is when you should remember two things: one- focus on the positive. (such as, it’s a good thing I live somewhere that values an education, or I have somewhere safe to be during the day, or I get to see my friends today) and two- sometimes, in life, in the real world, you have to do things you don’t want to do, or you have to complete silly tasks because you’re told to or expected to. Being able to do this, with a positive attitude, and recognizing that your teachers do want was is best for you will help you get through it,” Fitzgerald said