Q&A with Wendy Murillo-Camarena


Wendy Murillo Camarena has the biggest and brightest smile, when you see her you can’t help but smile right back at her. She’s a Senior at East. She’s a Science Bound Student and a former soccer player for East. Murillo Camarena loves horses and has a big passion for soccer. She started playing soccer at a really young age, playing since her freshman year for East. Let’s get to know more about Murrillo Camarena and her past years playing soccer. 

Tell me a little bit about your family… 

“Well I am the currently the oldest sibling in my household. My older brother and sister are gone to college. My younger brother loves soccer and horses just like me. My parents came straight from Mexico. They are very proud of me for being in so many activities. Both of my parents didn’t go to college, so it’s a big deal for my siblings and I go to college.” 

Are there any hobbies you do outside of soccer? 

“I ride horses, I’m also in Chamber Orchestra, I play the violin, and sescaramuza, a Mexican traditional sport.” 

Who pushes you to push yourself towards your goals? 

“My sister and my mom push me towards my goals. My mom and sister are always there to help and keeps me going no matter what. My sister is already in college and has been through it. 

Are you going to college? If so, what college are you going and what do you plan majoring in? 

“I’m going to Iowa State University and I am majoring in Animal Science. I chose to major in Animal Science because currently I am taking an animal science class at Central and the class shows us there is more options than just becoming a vet.” 

What would you say to your freshman self? 

“Take more classes with animal science and interact more with the animals.” 

When did you start playing soccer? 

“I started playing soccer since I was nine, I always watched my dad play.” 

Who influences you to play soccer? 

“My dad, he always played when he was younger, and he was going to get signed but he couldn’t because of my mom, she was pregnant. He was very passionate of the sport and still is to this day.” 

How were all your years playing in the EHS girls soccer team? 

“It was fun, especially playing JV because it’s not competitive like varsity. Freshman year, I played on freshman, JV, and the varsity team. It was good and fun.” 

What did you gain for being in the EHS girls soccer team? 

“I gained friends. It’s true, once you join a club or sport you do gain friends. Also, being associated with others, especially when you guys aren’t on the same level. Also, being in a sport it keeps you very busy.” 

Why did you decided to stop playing soccer for your final year here at East High School? 

“I am a senior, I want to focus more on my grades and work. Soccer isn’t going to pay the bills especially for college. Basically, I am not 100 percent committed, it’s not fair for the team.” 

How did you balance school, soccer, and different activities at the same time? 

“Time management. Lining up your schedule. After morning work outs, I would go talk to my teachers and get the help I needed. Also, if I were to talk to a teacher or get help on something, I didn’t understand I would do it between the early out schedule, before and after practice, or during lunch time. When I would leave early for soccer, I would talk to my teachers beforehand to know what I would be missing. Do not commit to it if you aren’t committed. It will keep you busy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” 

Will you be playing soccer in the future? 

“Yes, because I still have the passion for the sport. Even if I don’t have time for it right now. I will always want to play.”