Electric vehicles

A new kind of car

You’re driving on the interstate in your brand-new electric car, minding your own business when suddenly, a truck speeds past you and gets in your lane, and the proceeds to blow black smoke out of their exhaust pipe which is called coal rolling. What would you do? How would you feel? This is what many people experience when driving an electric car

Info on electric cars

An electric vehicle is a car that has replaced gas with electricity and the cars generally have nice electronics inside. Some electric car selling companies are Tesla (model 3, model X, model S, etc.), Mitsubishi (I-MIEV), BMW (i3), and Chevy (spark EV and bolt EV). As time passes, more car companies are coming out with more electric cars. For example, Ford with the Mustang Mach-E and Jeep making their cars hybrid; with gas and electric.

Pros and cons

Of course, there are pros and cons of electric vehicles. A few cons are they have limited range, can be higher priced, can take a while to charge, and weather can affect the battery life. Some pros are you can install a charger to charge the car at home, they are fast, quiet, better for the environment, and electricity is less expensive than gasoline. Usually fast cars are loud like the Mustang or Challenger but now there is a car that is fast and quiet.

“The battery is supposed to get 250/mi to the charge. I commute 100mi round trip each day. I’ve had to stop and charge it most days. I was told it needed a software update, so they came out and did that, but it didn’t completely fix it. So, then I was told cold weather negatively effects battery life and it just is what it is,” Tesla owner Ryan Holzer said.


There is a rise in popularity of electric vehicles people have not agreed on the topic of electric cars and have acted on the problem. Examples of this happening are, cutting them off on the road, keying or trashing their car, making rude gestures, blocking charging stations and one of the most popular ways is to coal roll. Coal rolling is when a truck increases the amount of fuel entering the engine causing it to blow out black smoke. Sometimes people can be against change especially if they aren’t used to changing , “I’ve gotten no negative reactions per se but a lot of hints that we’re doing it to be hip or for style points,” Tesla owner Kristi Holzer said.

“I think people are cruel towards electronic vehicles because they are against the change,” freshman Selena Gonzalez said.

Important for the environment

Cars are one of the main sources for greenhouse gasses so, electric cars are a step forward to help lessen the amount of gasses going into the air. Not only that but electricity costs less money than gas, so it saves you money in the long run. Another plus is that the batteries are recyclable, so you know where the batteries will go when a car needs a new battery.