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I started my journey in 3060N in Niemeyer’s sixth period Journalism class clueless to the future I would have in her classroom. My success did not start by me being talented (even though I know I am pretty awesome), it came from the countless hours of staff members around me helping with each piece I made and most importantly Ms. Niemeyer for always encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone each story and design I made. You are the teacher I aspire to be in my future. After three years in Newspaper our paper has GROWN into multi-award winning paper but I could have NEVER done it alone. Each staff member has truly expressed themselves into making each issue looking more magnificent than the previous. Each member works so very hard each day, which I cannot put into words how thankful I am for each person for making my senior year in Newspaper an unforgetable year. Newspaper has been a place where I was able to express events at East High I would not have been able to do in any other classroom and if you are someone reading this letter that hasn’t taken the chance to join or feel like they need to find their place at East, Newspaper is honestly the easiest place to feel welcome. Every word you plave on a page creates meaning for not only you but each person in the class, and everyone will be welcoming to any idea you want to write about. Plus we have parties all the time with the BEST snacks! Peace out 3060N just for now but not for forever, this place is my home and I’ll be back soon, being even more awesome 😉


I feel the need to start off by saying how incredibly fast these past four years have been for me. It feels like it was just yesterday I was walking in the doors of East for the first time, terrified of what the next four years would bring me. When I first started at East, I was incredibly shy and kept to myself most of the time. I have always had a passion for writing, and when Ms. Niemeyer reached out to me after the end of first semester of my freshman year about joining the Newspaper staff, I was ecstatic. Being apart of the Scroll Staff for four years, and being an editor for two, I have definitely been pushed to my limits, and was always encouraged to get out of my comfort zone. I was able to develop relationships with people I otherwise wouldn’t have. Right now, as a senior, I look back at my freshman self, and I don’t even recognize that shy girl who kept to herself all the time. I have developed self confidence, and I am not afraid to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. Throughout my four years in Scroll, I have grown physically and mentally. I have made great friends, and I am so sad that we will be going our separate ways as we are all starting new chapters in our lives this May. The Scroll Staff is a family, and I am so blessed that I was given the opportunity to be apart of it. I owe so much to Ms. Niemeyer, as she has been there for me for four years, and has played such a huge role in shaping me into the person that I am today. Goodbye for now, 3060N!


Okay, where to begin. There are so many things I want to say, and only a few words to do so. First off, thank you. Thank you to Ms. Niemeyer, for seeing something in me when I was a freshman, and could hardly see myself. Thank you for giving me the tools to get going and letting me loose into this crazy world of publications. Thank you for always being there when I need a sounding board or a guiding hand. Comparatively, thank you, reader. This paper is as much for you as it is for me. I loved creating it, but not as much as I enjoyed seeing you read it. The support I received from staff and students alike is something I will cherish for forever. Being in Newspaper for four years, and being an editor for three, it’s taught me things I never thought I needed to learn. Its showed me that I love helping people, I love working with others. Something I had always seen as a negative in my life became a positive because of newspaper, and I am forever thankful for it. Summer camps and field trips full of unforgettable memories, and important lessons. Journalism showed me I was capable of something greater than myself, and newspaper gave me the tools to share that with others. I just wish I could have shared that with more people before leaving. So please, dear reader, whether you are already in journalism or would never think of it, I hope you find what you never thought to look for. I hope you find something that inspires you to do great things, no matter how small. Thank you reader, for giving me that opportunity, and know that yours will come too.

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