School Schedule

Another time adjustment in the works for DMPS high school students

Nikki Grove, Editor-in-Chief

A lot of speculations are being made about how the school day might look next year. Despite there being many rumors floating around about the schedule, this is what may change.
“Right now, they are examining a seven-day period but also a modified seven periods for two days a week,” East principal Leslie Morris said.
The schedule would look something like this, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, students would have the normal everyday seven class periods. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, students would go to periods one, two, and three, and seven on one day, and four, five, and six, and seven on the other day.
This may seem like a pretty big change to students as it is completely different from what they have grown accustomed to and it leaves some wondering what the goal with this change is
“I think some of it is to allow kids to have more access to the teachers and the content,” Morris said.
Although it will have some positive impact on students, it may have a negative effect on some student’s schedules. With the number of classes students will take going from eight down to seven, that will affect the electives and variety of classes kids can fit in their schedules.
“Some students will be in a situation where they will need to prioritize,” School Improvement Leader Joseph Spiess said.
DMPS has implemented many different changes into schools over the last few years and students have been sharing their opinion on the potential change for next year. In a survey that was conducted by Scroll staff, many students feel the change is not something that needs to happen.
“I see no point in doing all periods in a single day. You would lose focus in certain areas and be forced to focus on all subjects in a single day,” East student Samuel Nguyen said.
The school board will hold town halls to get feedback on the matter.

I think some of it is to allow kids to have more access to the teachers and the content.”

— Leslie Morris