whats going on inside other people’s head?

ashlyn forget, writer

Everyday, something happens whether it makes someone sad, mad, happy, excited, and more. It all depends on what they’re doing that day or there might be setbacks that might be just little bitty, or they are major.  

“They come unannounced, so every setback has a different outcome” Natalie Madsen said.  

Sometimes, people’s routines in a day, may change a tiny bit just because something great or not so great happens.  


“Same stuff but different experiences,” Kayla Coll says.  


The counselors deal with a lot more than people give them credit for because they think that they only help handle behavior or they just put together everyone’s schedules but in reality, they do so much more than that. They help people get through the school day with however they feel.  


“Oh man! Wide range.” Madsen says about the things that she deals with every day and the type of feelings that radiate through her office. 


Every single day, someone is feeling down and they might not like to talk about their feelings and they will hide it extremely well so that people dont ask them questions.  


“I’ll wanna go home but i still want to be with my freinds” Laura Squiers said. 


Or there will be days where people will be super happy because they got something through the mail that theyve been waiting for or they go a promotion or something that makes them excited. 


“I’ll want to make others happy because im happy” Coll said. 


We all have had those days where we just want to go to our friends and vent all of our feelings to them because we are just so mad or angry. About a subject but think that ‘you dont want to seem like your fishing for drama like everybody else 


“I just want to go home at that point” Squiers said.