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    Academic Comeback

    Students struggle to get back on track after first semester.
    Academic Comeback

    Struggle first semester academically? Want to bounce back? The semester sent most students to an academic panic as grades were finalized. With a new semester, now’s the time to make a major academic comeback to end the school year strong.
    After looking at those grades from semester one, we all realized we need to buckle down and make some goals going forward into semester 2.
    “Personally, for earth science it’s important to have good grades because, students learn to start and finish a project, so students learn to have that resilience and goal to not give up, it’s not just for the grade but to learn content,” Science teacher Clarissa Luckow said.
    Grades are most crucial and important, especially in high school. As grades play a big role in your future, this statement may be controversial to some, but after reaching out to the fellow staff at East High School, they have expressed why it’s important to get those good grades in high school.
    “Opportunities after high school, it’s not just collage, it is to get opportunities in the trades or apprenticeship programs, those things are competitive and they want to see you have done your best and are willing to continue doing your best,” Counselor Ashlee Duimstra said.
    Sometimes those academic goals you set for the school year may be overwhelming, or maybe you didn’t make any at all, that’s okay either way. But’s never too late to work hard and do your best even if you struggle throughout the process.
    “I think focus, learn to block distraction or whatever is going on, weather its relationships, or things that are going on at home, can be so many things, but learn to block out, focus on what’s going on now, focus on the present, I think that would help,” Luckow said.
    Even the most academically achieving students have struggled immensely to get to where they are now, you must fail to succeed.
    “Staying organized is one thing that I think that maybe students aren’t quite used to that independence in high school, that’s probably a little bit of a tougher transition from eighth grade where I think that there is more hand holding, where In high school, you don’t have that as much, so you’re going to have to organize when you have assignments due, figure out a system for yourself to remember those things, teachers do remind you but then they are counting on you to do a lot of things yourself. So, organizing what is do when so you can keep track of it, communicating with teachers when you don’t understand, being honest. Asking questions, you have to ask, otherwise teachers will assume you know the content,” Duimstra said.

    Our staff at East are here to help and guide you throughout high school, they want to see you achieve and make it out the end, proud of your achievement and success. Our staff have voiced their advice to the fellow students struggling to get back on track academically.
    “Take school more seriously, there’s not always a second chance or another plan, you’re going to run out of that, you have to take advantage of the opportunities you have in front of you and the people who are willing to help you, you have to take it right when its offered. Be at school consistently, talk with your teachers, let us know if you need help,” Duimstra said.
    We all know that it’s hard to get back on track, with things going on outside of school, it can be very distracting and exhausting.
    “Every day is a new opportunity, maybe you didn’t do good before or there’s things going on, start tomorrow, start today if you can. Don’t give up, keep trying every day,” Luckow said.

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