A home away from home

Most seniors stay in Iowa for college, here are some stories of seniors that will be saying goodbye to their hometown

Alex Miranda

Many seniors at East High School stay in Iowa for college. Not many decide to leave for college, but a few are. The few seniors that are leaving their hometown and where they grew up and leaving their family. Their childhood park they played at when they were little and the many friends they grew up with and leaving all the memories behind. Excitement, fear, anxiousness is all going through seniors’ head as college comes around the corner. But one thing all seniors have in common is, they are all excited for the future.


Abbi Webb:

One of the seniors that won’t be in Iowa for college is Abbi Webb she will be attending The University of Sioux Falls in the fall in South Dakota she plans on majoring in psychology and minoring in social work.
“I chose The University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota because their campus is nice, the city is beautiful, and It looks like I am still in Des Moines,” senior Abbi Webb said.
Abbi has been involved in many things in East, such as National Honor Society, Scarlet Squad and Track and field she plans to be in South Dakota for the next four years running for track there,
“One of the things I am most excited for in the fall is meeting new friends and getting to live in a different state and a change of scenery but also running track for Sioux Falls” Webb said.
The University of Sioux Falls is a medium size college. It is not a big college, it is not a small college also, but it is just right. After college Abbi does not know what she wants to do after, but she plans on working in a pediatric psych ward and plans on coming back to Iowa after college, but she does not know just yet.

What I’m most excited about leaving for college is that I will get to work with different people and get to live in a new place and get to explore a new state, the new experience is what I am most excited for

— Sujata Bajgai

Sujata Bajgai:

Sujata will also not be in Iowa for college. She will be attending Duquesne University in Pennsylvania; she will be double majoring in business and theatre. She is most excited about attending in person in the fall for college.
“The reason why I applied to this college is because it has a lot of programs but it had all the programs I was looking for, I am looking forward for college but to also be there in the fall in person seeing as it was virtual most of the time because of the pandemic,” senior Sujata Bajgai said,
Duquesne University in Pennsylvania is a private college ranked 143 in the country for best colleges in National Universities.
“What I’m most excited about leaving for college is that I will get to work with different people and get to live in a new place and get to explore a new state, the new experience is what I am most excited for,” Bajgai said.
Leaving a state you’ve been in your entire life and can be difficult, after high school Sujata plans to follow her dreams and not come back to Iowa but to pursue her passion.
“After college I will not be coming back to Iowa, I want to work in New York City after college, I want to work with producers and directors and learn from them” Bajgai said,


Dajanique Crockett:

Dajanique plans on going to Alabama A&M in Huntsville Alabama. She is majoring in Criminal Justice. Alabama A&M was one of the top schools she has always wanted to go
“It is a HBCU (historically black college/university) that has very great programs in many different areas,” senior Dajanique Crockett said.
Dajanique has been in many sports/clubs such as volleyball, track and upward bound what she is most excited for is to make new friends and live in a whole new state. She also sets goals being in another state for college.
“My goal is to make it on the deans list, I am looking forward to meeting new people and making friends… I plan to come back to Iowa or live in Alabama and become a lawyer,” Crockett said,


Tessah Smith:

Finally, Tessah Smith will be majoring in marine biology and minoring in marine fisheries at Texas A&M in Galveston, Texas. She was inspired on choosing this college and cant wait to join in the fall.
“My marine biology professor went to this school and became a doctor in marine biology and I basically know all the cheers there already because of how much we did them in class. But mainly because it’s on its own little island and it has a sea facility for rescuing beached animals in need and a broodstock facility where we breed fish and it’s known to be a great school for the marine field,” senior Tessah Smith said.
Tessah is most excited to finally be on the beach, she will be half way across the country from her family, but she will be surrounded by the things she loves the most.
“It is a little bit nerve wrecking to think I’ll be moving to another state without family, but I’ve wanted to be a marine biology since 2009 when I first saw the beach and fell in love, I’m ecstatic and can’t believe in a couple of months I’ll finally be doing what I’ve always wanted to do and love,” Smith said.
All four of these seniors are excited to be at the college they applied for and pursuing their dream careers. They are looking forward for the fall school year meeting new friends and being in another state. If you ever wanted to go out of state for college you should go and take that risk, college isn’t a lifetime and you have your whole life ahead of you. You’re still young this article was to encourage underclassmen who want to go out of state for college but are not sure.