The impact of music

Angelina McDaniel

You may listen to it daily, or even encounter it occasionally. Something that exists all around the world, not only in your reality but in everyone else’s as well. While some people dwell on their past when they listen, others can maintain a productive day while doing so. It is never a wrong time to listen, always available and ready to be shared. The memories and flashbacks attached… The one and only music. Music helps people in many ways, the list of feelings it brings people varies. For example, it can bring people confidence.
“Music inspires me because it’s a confidence booster and gives me closure,” junior Melina Modronja said.
Music is an escape from reality. All the different artists and genres allow people to find what genre suits their mood and connects to their feelings. However, Modronja is not the only student at East who feels similarly about music.
“Music brings me confidence and makes me feel powerful,” junior Amitty Arroyo said.
As you can gather from their statements, you can notice that music helps them, inspires them to be the best version of themselves.
When is the best time to listen to music? This question cannot simply be answered because it all depends on the individual. But for numerous people anytime you can, is considered the best time.
“The best time to listen to music is when I’m in a sad emotional state of mind,” Johnston said.
For Johnston and many others, a comforting time to take a break and listen to music is when you are emotional and going through a tough time. “Music got me through a lot,” Modronja said.
But for other East High Students they can certainly agree that anytime is the best time to listen to music.
“I like listening to music all the time because it gives me sanctuary and allows me to avoid interactions,” Arroyo said.
Although music is amazing, there are a few teachers who are strictly against listening to music while giving directions. Which is completely reasonable. Music comes with its benefits, if you listen with one ear while also trying to understand given material it can be hard. But for a select few this is not an issue. Some people can multi- task which eliminates one of the times it is not a promising idea to listen to music. Once you gather and paint the full picture of music, you can reckon that it is something beautiful and worthy of being shared.