Ms. Williamson is leaving East High School

After 10 years at East she’s going home to Pennsylvania


Gabe Cook

Teaching English one, two, and three, sports literature, mass communication, graphic novels, journalism, Scarlet Ambassadors, and cheerleading assistant coach. These are all things Kortny Williamson has done in her ten years at East but after the 2021-2022 school year, she will be leaving.

Kortny Williamson (Ms. Williamson) was born in Pennsylvania and is going to be moving back to be with her family again. She wants to move back so she can be more involved in her niece’s life.

“My niece is starting to get into sports again and I want to be a part of her life again, she’s turning seven so it’s time,” Williamson said.

In Pennsylvania, Williamson will continue to teach, and she has already accepted a teaching job. Ms. Williamson’s time at East has been long and very good. She has been here for ten years and has made many good memories.

“I loved it, it became more of a family community than a job which is what I was looking for,” Williamson said.

During her time at East, Ms. Williamson has experienced many cool things and fun times. One of her favorites was having Master P and Lil Romeo come to East and perform for everyone. This was her favorite because it brought all of East together.

“It was really cool to see the student community in one place,” Williamson said.

Ms. Williamson will be missed by everyone in the East High School family, but we all appreciate her time spent at East. Let’s hear from some of the East high staff and hear what good things and memories they have of Ms. Williamson.

During her ten years at East Ms. Williamson has meet many people and one of them is Holly Keuning. Ms. Keuning has known Ms. Williamson for two years and her favorite thing about her is how well she works with other people.

“She’s always been a great person to work with, she’s supportive of students, she’s worked hard to welcome new teachers into the building, she’s very supportive and shares all her knowledge and her resources,” Keuning said.

Another person Ms. Williamson has met during her time at East is, Trisha Buckley. Ms. Buckley has known Ms. Williamson for four years and her favorite thing about her is how similar they dress without meaning to.

“We have a tendency to dress alike without planning it, the first time we met we were both wearing a black dress, sandals a necklace and we both have long straight hair and glasses. So, kids often get us confused and think were the other one,” Buckley said.

Thank you, Ms. Williamson, for everything you have done for the East high school family. You’re very appreciated and you will be missed by all.